Woke up on me celebrated birthday morning feeling alright.
Relaxed the morning away as I do nowadays. Headed over and picked up Realta and Aine at Sinead’s.

Back home Realta gave me a lovely picture frame with a black and white photo of me feeding Aine that was taken a day or two for my birthday. I loved that. We passed away the day together. Natasha arrived back in the evening and we headed out to dinner. We went down to the Taste Of India for my dinner. Aine was happy sitting in her chair and chirping away with a smile for the evening.

Mohammad the owner came over and we chatted for a while. He was looking great and lost a lot of weight. We hooked up on the Facebook and will be in touch later. A wonderful lad and a wonderful birthday dinner for me and me family.

We headed home. Brenda and Natalie came by to see Aine, well to celebrate my birthday too of course. We ate the cake Natasha bought me along with ice cream.

Passed away the evening until bed time.