Woke up early of course.

Passed away the morning doing odds and ends and finished a movie I had started a few days ago. It was called A Dark Song.

It was shite really.

At noon I headed on down to Century Link Field to the Rock and Roll Marathon Expo. Got my number, tee-shirt and a bag full of goodies.

When I got back home I started cleaning the entry way. Then moved onto the couch and tables. Natasha arrived and we went over to Tengu Sushi for dinner.

Stopped into QFC for a few items. Realta and Steve met us there to give us Aine. They had to go to Grainne’s graduation. Got back home and passed away the evening playing, feeding and nappy changing with Aine.

Steve and Realta arrived at the end of the night. We chatted for a good while and then they took off.