Up and at them.
Had the tea and bread. Then Natasha dropped me down at 15th and Pacific so I could walk on over to Husky Stadium for the start of the Seattle Rock And Roll Marathon. 

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Walked on over and went to the bathroom. Talked to a girl from Guam there. Her Name was Pearl. Over on vacation and was able to fit this in.

I went up to my corral for the start and chatted to a nice Marathon Maniac there. She had forgotten her head phones but had come to terms that this is one race that it wasn’t so bad. And true, great scenery with a band every mile along the way.

And we are off. The first song on me iPhone was Bob Dylan, Like A Rolling Stone from Live At Budokan. On we went crossed the 5K mark. I had to stop for the bathroom. Continues on, we passed along where the Wear Blue Run To Remember were lined up with the photo graphs of the fallen military. I counted 156 photos of each person along the way. Male, female, young, old and many photos taken with their kids. Some who won’t had a dad (or mom) around today for Fathers Day. Then we ran along by all the American flags that had a black ribbon on top. My patriotic heard was a beating proud for my adopted homeland here.

The race was well fuelled with water, Gatorade, chews and other bits so I was well hydrated. Had to use the bathroom again around mile 11. We were going through Seward Park at that time and I used the one in the park.  Then we ran back up to Seattle on Rainier Ave. At mile 17.85 we split away from the finishing half marathon runners who were turning in for Century Link Field.

We continued up the Viaduct and up 99 until before the Aurora Bridge where we did the u-turn and headed back south. The u-turn was around mile 22.5. Heading back down Aurora again having more drinks along the way. At mile 25 I called my Natasha to let her know where I was. She was already down there waiting for me. I continued into the start of the 26th mile with Paul McCartney singing All You Need Is Love. I was thinking about Natasha and I would be seeing her right after this song. I removed the headphones for the finish. We ran up between the fences and my first marathon in two years was over. I felt grand well. My moving time for the Rock & Roll Marathon Seattle is here.

Went through and got my medal. Then had two chocolate milks and half a banana. Went over and got my finishers running jacket. Headed off to Natasha straight away then. I walked down south to where she was parked. I was happy to see her as always. We then headed off down to Smarty Pants for out lunch. Ate a grand meal there.

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Headed up north when we were done. We stopped into QFC for a few provisions before going home. At home had a shower finally. It was good, well except the areas of chafing.

Realta popped down to see us for Fathers Day with Aine. We had the usual fun with them. It was great to have them visit. Meant a lot to me. We made plans for the future and had a great time. They had to head out to another party at Steve’s dad’s house.

Later on we ate dinner and copious amounts of dessert. Watched some of The Office on Netflix to pass the night away.