Woke up before the alarm that went off at 3:45am.
Scott and Kristine were out and about. Made great pancakes for breakfast. Matt and Philippa got up and we all got the day started. Loaded up what we might need in the bags for the day and headed out.

We walked through the tree line.

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Came through into the clearing in a while. Could see the mountain in front of us now.

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We continued on hiking and went up along the snow. Used our ice axes along here and pretty much for the rest of the day.

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We stopped off along the way for snacks and meals. I built a dolmen in memory of my friend Theresa Hubbard. God be good to this lovely woman.
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Kristine decided soon after this point she had enough of the trip. She rested on the rock pile as the rest of us went on.

I broke away from the group and continued up at my own pace and reached the summit after a good leg burn hike up.

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It was truly a great view of al the mountains that could be seen all around us. Rainier, Adams, Shasta, Bachelor and Hood.

I sat and dined here looking back down from where we came. An hour later Matt and Philippa summited. They said Natasha was weary of the open air areas coming up and went back down to Kristine. Scott took her down.

We chatted at the summit for a while and then went over to have a look down into the lava dome.

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I then headed back over and jumped into a snow chute and rode the whole way back to the gang on the rocks. Kristine gave me some cream filled puffs that she had brought up in a cooler. Delicious. Ate some more here. Matt and Philippa came sliding in about an hour later.

Then we all got ready and slid all the way down to the open area before the trees. So approx. about 50% of the journey. Here we packed the ice axes in our packs and walked back out to the trail head.

This was truly a great hike and probably our big one for the year. We had snacks galore and chatted for a while. Then we headed out. Natasha and I stopped in Kelso and had dinner at Taco Time. Then I drove the rest of the way home. Arrived at our castle right before midnight.