July 2017

Up and at them.

Headed on down to the FAA job. Todays topic was two door pans on the west and north side of the building.


Put on the dinner and relaxed.

I went on down to Greenlake to meet Julie for a run. I ran one lap for 3 miles on my own before she got there. Right when I was coming to the end Julie showed up. We went on and ran another 5 miles around the lake and zoo.

Back home to me Natasha. We ate the dessert and the evening came to an end a couple of hours later.


Woke up grand.

Had a grand breakfast of soda bread and tea for my running food today.

Olivia showed up and we drove down to Magnuson Park to go for a run. We did three loops to make it a 9.5 mile run. We had a good chat and fun along the way. The conversations are getting better even. She did great after being off running over a week.

We went back home for tea, snacks and more chat. She headed out after a while. When Natasha arrived back we had lunch together after I cooked it.


We got ready in the evening to go down town to see a play. We parked and went over to Veggie Grill for dinner. Then over to Starbucks for dessert and drinks.

Walked up to the Paramount Theatre to see The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night.

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It was a frigging well written, directed and acted play.

Went home thinking about it even.
Passed away the evening into the night.


Woke up early and passed away the morning. Natasha got up before 5. Had the breakkie. Then we headed out on a hike.

Drove over to exit 45 on the I-90. We decided pretty much at the last minute to do Bandera Mountain. We parked and got ready.

Bandera Mountain is a chameleon. Most would describe it as an easy hike–relatively short and not very steep for most of its length–-but then it suddenly changes, turning informal and rough, particularly in its last half mile, making it feel like the rugged backcountry trek it at times can be.
Start out on the Ira Spring Trail. The parking lot will likely be full if you come here on a nice weekend day. Not only is Bandera a popular hike, but it shares a trailhead with the equally popular trails to Mason Lake and Mount Defiance. For the first mile and a half, it is gentle and wide as it follows an old road bed (about halfway through this first section, a water crossing may be somewhat difficult during times of heavy runoff).
Luckily, thanks to the efforts of volunteer crews and the generosity of the Spring Trust for Trails, a sturdy footbridge has been installed across the creek, and hikers can safely cross it in all seasons.
Past the bridge, the trail departs the old road and heads more steeply uphill. Occasional breaks in the trees enable partial views of Rainier to the south.
In another mile and a quarter, after a series of looping switchbacks, the trail to Bandera and the trail to Mason Lake part company as the way to Bandera heads straight uphill through a meadow of beargrass and bleached stumps of trees burned in a fire long ago. The next fifth of a mile is steep –- in fact, one of the steepest stretches of trail you’ll find, gaining one foot of elevation for every two feet it travels. The saving grace for those not used to this sort of climbing is that it is mercifully brief and boasts firm footing in the form of numerous rocks and boulders.
The trail soon reaches a ridge and heads east along it. At times, it becomes somewhat difficult to follow as it enters minor rock fields, until reaching Little Bandera, technically a false summit. The vast majority of people turn around here after pausing to picnic among the blocky granite and stunted firs. There is nothing false about the views-–this spot provides an excellent vantage of the ridge and meadows to the south, as well as across I-90 to nearby peaks like McClellan Butte and the ubiquitous Rainier. Turning around here gives you a round trip hike of 7 miles, with about 2850 feet of elevation gain; perfectly respectable for a day hike.
If you must press on to the true summit, know that the trail gets hard to follow. It drops steeply over the rocks of Little Bandera’s summit and is barely visible. You’ll lose and then regain elevation as you follow the ridge. Few people venture out this way–-Bandera Mountain’s actual summit is forested and holds no real attraction save for the glory of reaching a summit less than 100 feet taller than the false summit you just stood on.

Headed on up the trail at a nice calm pace. Started to remember this trail as we got up over half ways from the last time we did it. The last time we actually did it was for my birthday back in 2009 and here is the entry for that day.

Today we made it up in 2 hours and 21 minutes.
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We came back down the trail for a bit and ate lunch in the slght breeze that kept the mosquitoes away from us.

We then headed back down the trail and it took us 1 hour and about 55 minutes to get down.

Stopped into the gas station for drinks and chips.


Showered the dust off us and headed out again. I stopped in to water a bit more at Bridget’s and check the place. All is well. Then we headed on over to MOD Pizza at LFP. Ate the Olivia and a Tristan. We went into Albertsons for a few items before we left LFP.


Talked to Realta and Aine for a while on the FaceTime.

I backed some bread.

We watched a movie while we ate a great dessert that Natasha made us. The movie is The Lost City Of Z.

This was a good one.

Now a nap I suppose.

Up and at them.
Painted the doors in the bedrooms upstairs.
Later on I headed up to Home Depot and bought locks and hinges for the doors. Then into Costco and bought 4 new towels.

Stopped into Bridget’s to make sure everything was okay at her place while she was away. I watered the plants and backed the car into the driveway.

Home again and installed the locks on the doors. Cleaned up all the debris and got ready for Natasha’s arrival.

We headed over to Tengu for dinner.

At home we watched Colossal.

Shite really.


Woke up early of course.

Headed out for me run after the tea and soda bread. I ran up to Bridget’s. Then she came out and we ran the Julie Loop together. I went in for a quick visit and to get the key so I can keep the place safe while she is gone. Then I continued up to Carter Subaru to pick up the car. When I got there I had run a total of over ten miles overall.

Talked to Aunt Marie back in Kilrush for a while and to Eamon in Coolagoree. All is well back there. Had a lunch at home.

Talked to Natasha and we will go to Enat for dinner this evening. I drilled out the holes for the locks in the bedroom doors upstairs. Then chiseled them out for them to fit. I decided to paint the frames on the doors holding in the glass also while I was at it.

Natasha arrived and we headed over to Enat for dinner as planned. It was good as usual.


Now bed.

Up and at them.

Had a text from Luann last night saying she wouldn’t be running with us today. So I headed up to run with Bridget. When I got there I received a text from her saying she wouldn’t be able to run today wither.

No Harm, I headed back down to QFC and got some items to take home. Mixed up and baked a loaf of white soda bread.

I had to take the Subaru up to Carter for a small repair. Dropped it off and I ran home. It was a 5.45 mile run. Had a lunch. Talked with Angela which cheered me up of course.

I went over to Ballard to meet Jenn and Maddie. We went to MOD Pizza so they could eat lunch. I was already fed of course. It was great to see them and I enjoyed our time together.
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Watched a movie. The Fundamentals Of Caring.
It was good.

Natasha came home and we headed on downtown, well to Queen Anne. We parked in the garage and went to Chutneys for dinner. Marci, Cara, Matt and Philippa were already there waiting for us. We ordered food and passed the evening away.

Once we were finished we headed over to the Key Arena to see Neil Diamond in concert.

He came on and put on a great show for over two hours. Sang a lot of his hits. Had 13 other people on stage with him. He introduced them one by one and each person did an example of what they did best. To our surprise the great Ronnie Tutt was on drums. Our second time seeing him play live.

The concert ended with America. Love that song and with Ronnie on drums it was all more special.
Concert was great and off we go. A lot of bye byeing and ass grabbing and we were out of there.

Up and at it.
Tea and toast.

Headed down to Gasworks Park for a run. Luann showed up later on followed by Bridget after that. We took off along the Burke Gilman Trail and walked up the stairs to go over the Fremont Bridge. We were to run around the Lake Union but then I mentioned we should run up the steep 4th Ave N hill to the top of Queen Anne. Bridget had mentioned this to me about 5 years ago and now I finally get to do it. While it was hard it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

We then ran around the top of Queen Anne with memories being spoken of. Great views and chat. This is a good run.

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We continued back around to where we started. I forgot to restart my watch when we stopped so there is a mile missing on this run

back down the 4th Ave N hill we go.
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Then back along to the cars. This was one of the better 7 mile runs in a while.

Bye bye and off homes we go.

I made a breakfast once I got back. Did a wee bit of work downstairs. Watched a movie. Boy Eats Girl.

Shite but I watched it through.

Made the dinner for us. Ate mine as I will be running later. Natasha came home with treats. Chocolate covered strawberries and marshmallows.

I headed down to Magnuson Park and ran a 3.33 mile loop with Julie.  Had a grand chat and headed home to me wifey.

Passed away the rest of the evening.

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