Woke up and got the day started. Packed the bag for the trip to California in an hour. Had the cuppa and shower. Into the car and off we go.
Down the 5 and into Park and Jet. Got the shuttle to the airport. Went through the TSE Precheck and over to Starbucks. Had the breakkie there.

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Boarded the plane operated by Delta and off we go.
Landed in LAX just over two hours later. A grand flight with one sideward thrust of turbulence. Took the shuttle over to Fox Car Rental and stood in line for most of an hour before we were served. Got a Kia Soul and headed off.
Drove in terrible traffic all the way to Garden Grove. Chatted with Realta on and off along the way. We stopped into Del Taco for the snack of lunch and ate easy and quick. Over to Realta’s place and Aine and herself were just getting out of their car. In we go to the apartment.
Aine was a wee slow in getting used to us again and was full of chat in her bubbling way. Was doing a screech from her neck and loving it. This was her way of talking. We chatted there for ages. Amanda got up after a nap and we got to meet baby Chloe for the first time. Her papa Rafael came home and this was the first time we met home. A nice lad.
Later on we went over to the hotel. This trip we are staying at the Sheraton. We checked in with the good Isobel and got room 258. A nice room it was and all.
We went back over to pick up Realta and Aine. Steve had returned home as well. He was in good form. We drove through a nice neighborhood on the way over for dinner after that. We arrived in Orange and parked. Walked over to the RUTABEORGZ Restaurant for dinner. Steve showed up a wee later. Ate a fine meal there. After dinner we went for a walk around the Circle.

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Continued on around town and back to the car the longer way. Steve went off in his car and we in ours with Realta and Aine. We drove back to Garden Grove and went to Joe’s on Harbor Ave for ice cream. It was nice. Natasha had ours dipped in peanut butter topping. Realta had the sprinkles.
Loaded back into the car again once we had eaten and back to the apartment on Adrian Street. Dropped the girls off and we headed back for the hotel. We did stop into Target for water, toothpaste and sunblock.
Back to room 258 and now I am beginning to get a wee tired. A great long well used day this was.