Woke up at 4am but managed to nod back to sleep again after a couple of hours for an hour. Up and hit the shower. Then drove over to Coco’s for breakfast. We chatted away there for an hour and then over to see Realta and Aine. Steve was gone to work.
We relaxed there for a wee bit and then drove on over to Laguna Beach area. Headed south along the coast to an area where we parked and headed down to the beach. We hung out there for a while.

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I went in for a swim and played in the waves for a bit.
When we were done we drove back into Laguna and dropped Realta to work. Natasha and I took off with Aine. We went into the Bonsai Bowl and had a bowl and a smoothie. There was a long wait but we are on vacation.
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Ate the lot and then we headed down to the beach. I went back to the car and got the umbrella and went back to the beach. Aine fell asleep under the brolly for a while. We relaxed there for some time and then Realta called, her last appoint was running late so she cancelled it for another time.
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We packed up and went to meet her. She stopped into Subway for a sandwich.
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Then we drove on over to Huntington Beach and parked. We met Sarah Rodrigues there for the first time. Also met Dakota and their son Jax. We walked around for a while and then out along the pier and into Ruby’s for dinner and a milkshake as recommended by Robert. Ate a grand diner meal and the shake was good to boot.

Once we were finished we walked back through town to the cars. Said our goodbyes and headed back to Garden Grove. Went into Realta’s place. Amanda was there cooking the dinner. We got to see Chloe also once she woke up. Steve arrived home and we chatted for a bit.
Said our goodbyes and headed out. Stopped and got gas so we wouldn’t have to stop in the morning. Back to the hotel and had a grand shower washing the sand of the day off us. Packed the bags a little and now laying in bed wondering when the sleep will take over.