Woke up early and got the day a rolling.
Packed up and checked out of the hotel. Drove on back down to LAX and dropped the car off at the Fox Rental. Got the shuttle back to the airport.

Went through security and I got a random check done on me. We went to Starbucks for tea and a bagel. Then we discovered our plane was going to be over two hours late. We relaxed in the terminal and grabbed a bag of chips before we went to board.

Got on the Boeing 737 operated by Delta and took off pretty fast. I watched a movie onboard. Sleepless.

The movie was a good one. Kept me on the edge.

Landed in Seattle without a hitch and before I knew it. Got the shuttle back to the Subaru and off we went. Stopped into Taco Bell for a quick snack to tide us over until dinner. Continued on up to the Law Office as Natasha had too work on stuff.

I played around and began to write some letters for my resolutions. Got two and a half our of 12 done. I made a cuppa but the half and half in tea is as usual not a good idea.

We stopped into QFC on the way home and bout a few items for the week ahead. At home we watched a movie called Gifted.

Quite a nice film.

Made plans for the future with Natasha. And now time for a nap if possible after all the ice cream I ate for dinner.