August 2017

Woke up a few times during the night. Up early and had the breakkie. Packed the bags and headed off to the airport.
Parked at Park & Jet and took the shuttle over to the airport. Went through security and out to the gate. We had a tea and coffee at Seattle’s Best Coffee there.
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We boarded the Embraer jet operated by Delta Airlines and took off over an hour late for John Wayne Airport in Santa Ana. The flight went well and we made up a bot of time in the air. Landed and headed out to the car rental.
We went over to Budget and got a Kia Rio for our time here. Drove out of the airport and headed up to Garden Grove. We stopped into Del Taco for a quick bite. Then headed over to Realta and Steve’s place.
Realta was working but would be home soon enough. Called Steve and he let us in. Aine was shy a little at first but warmed up pretty quickly. We got to spend the rest of the day there with them until late in the evening. Then headed over to our hotel.
We checked in at the Sheridan again and got room 645. Irving was so good to us at check in. A great guy he is. Unpacked our stuff into the room and headed out to Loving Hut for the dinner. It was like a 10 to 15 minute walk away only.
We got there and placed our orders. It is a grand enough vegan restaurant and the people were friendly. The place is a bit like Sacred Heart’s Nest in Seattle but still different. Ate a grand dinner and headed back to the hotel.
We stopped into the private club room in the hotel for some snacks and drinks. Then back to the room.


Woke up grand.
Made me Natasha an omelet for the breakkie. I lazed the day away for a while. I watched a movie on Hulu called Precious Cargo.

It was actually good.

Later on I ran over to the bank and deposited some checks. Then continued on down around the Maple Leaf Park for a few laps and then home to complete a 6 mile run.

Natasha arrived back and I put on the dinner. We ate it and dessert while watching a movie. Florence Foster Jenkins.

I didn’t give it much hope but it ended up being a good one.

Got some stuff ready for our trip tomorrow.

Now hopefully an nap.

Woke up in the 2am hour.  Passed away all the time until near 6. Then loaded up the car for the day ahead. Bridget and Luann showed up and we drove on over to Mount Si.

We hiked up along the way at a good clip. Got to the summit and we ate our snack there. It was a grand day, slightly warm even though we were out early.

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Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, standing, tree, outdoor and nature

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The hike back down as always was a leg burner.

Ate a lot of the great snacks the Luann had brought for the trek on the way home. Luann had to head off to the kiddos and Bridget came in for the cuppa once we got back home.

Tea and cookies went in and we chatted until it was time for her to leave. I started getting ready to go out for a run and Carmen came over to chat about new windows in her house. We had the grand chat and after she left I went out for my run.

I ran down to the park and went around it 7 times. Then on the way back home I zigzagged a couple of streets to make it a 6 mile run. I got back tot he house and Natasha arrived home.

I went with her on her evening walk down and around the park a couple of times again. Then back home. 

Today I hiked, ran and walked over 17 miles.

I put on the dinner and we ate it while watching a movie on Hulu. It was called The Resident.


It was okay enough.

Went to bed and lights out ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Woke up after about 7 hours of sleep.

I did laze the day away doing nothing. Watched some of the Dennis The Menace comic book cartoon on the DVD player. Then watched movies on Netflix. Watched Death Note.

this  wasn’t the best but had to see it through. 

Next up was We Are Not Animals.

This movie was shite, I had to turn it off. 

I did get to talk to Realta and Aine earlier as well which though common is always fun.

I picked up a bit later on in the evening. Then when Natasha arrived home we headed straight down to Agua Verde for out 22nd Anniversary dinner. It had been a while since we ate here and it was good as always. Headed on over to the U-Village ind into Menchies for dessert.


Passed away the evening in a relaxing manner.

Now a nap for a hike tomorrow.

Up and at them.

Went over to Bridget and picked her up. Then headed on over to Magnolia to go for a run. We ran the loop through the park and around to get a 7.7 mile run in. It was good too be back over here again.  It had been many years since we ran here together. I dropped her home and went on with my day. 

Went over to Julie’s to water the plants and check in on the house while she was away. Isobel was there and let me in. After that I headed over to Natasha at the office, I stopped into Subway to get us lunch first. Ate lunch in the conference room and had a good chat as usual.

Home for the shower. Bridget showed up a little later and had a cuppa. Natasha arrived home and we all headed on down to REI. Looked around at different stuff there. Then went in to see Scott Jurek give his talk about different things of his life. A very niice fellow indeed.

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Headed home after that.

Natasha and I walked up to Enat for dinner. Then home again.


Fell asleep tired this night. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Got up and passed away the morning.

Headed out for a run with the new watch to see how it fairs up. Ran up nd around the golf course then back down and around our Maple Leaf park for a seven mile run. Met Natasha there and we walked the mile home together.

Headed on down to Matt and Phil’s after that.  Worked on odds and ends to get their place ready to rent. A grand visit.

Went up to Sean and Jody’s in Burien to watch the fight. Scott and Kristine were there as well. Our first time down at Sean and Jody’s and they have a really nice place.

We ate like kings and queens. Watched all the earlier fights and then came on the big one. Our Conor is taking on Floyd Mayweather for the boxing title.

We are hopeful that Conor will win this fight but the odds are mostly against him so hopes are not as high a they should be.

The fight begins and Conor is looking good and maybe confusing Floyd with his style of fighting. They go over and back in the rounds and they make it into the 10th round. Conor was hurting from the last round and suffers into this one. Floyd keeps picking his mark and hits it until the ref stopped the fight. Floyd wins the Fight Of The Century.

We head home and lights out ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZz

Up and at them. 
Breakkie and headed on over to Bridget’s. She, Luann and I ran the near 5 mile Julie Loop.

I headed up to the Law Office after that.  Quick chat with Natasha and then off over to Thriftway shopping. Into UPS to drop a package and then off home. Well I did stop into Safeway for a few more items on the way.

Headed on over to PCC and then Whole Foods. Stopped at the other Safeway on the way home as well. At home I made up veggie jelly with fruit salad and angelfood cake.

I played with my new running watch. The Garmin 230. 

Figured it out pretty quick. I think I will like it. 

Natasha arrived home and we went to Tengu Sushi for dinner. Stopped into QFC after that.  Back home and I made up Birds custard and put it on top of the jelly I made earlier.  


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