September 2017

Woke up and passed away the morning.
Chatted to the girls for a while. Erin came by to work in the garden and then went out for a five mile run.

Back home for the shower and then I worked on the fence for a while. When the girls were ready I took them over to Costco with me.

Back home I cooked dinner and then we had pumpkin pie for dessert. In the evening we watched a movie on Amazon called Fishing Naked.

I was nodding off a bit during it as it was shite really.

Next up we watched The documentary Thin Lizzy-Bad Reputation.

Now this one as always was good.

Next up we watched the Glen Campbell-I’ll Be Me movie.

This one is still interesting to me as I continue to watch it

Chatted away the rest of the night.


Woke up after a good sleep indeed.

Chatted to me Natasha for a while before she went to work, Then with Una for a while. Time for me to go out and run arrived. I went up around the golf course and back in a roundabout way for a six mile run.

Passed away the day chatting to the girls. Brid and I went over to the Thornton Place and got four tickets for a movie later on. Then to the bank at the mall. Walked up and down the mall after that meeting a lovely fellow from Turkey. We then headed on out and over to QFC for dinner food.

Back home and passed away the day doing odds and ends.

Natasha arrived back in the evening and I put the dinner on the table. Then we went over to Thornton Place to see a movie. American Made.

It was a good unreal movie that was close to real.



Woke early. Natasha told me she had texted with Robert last night and she now will be coming to Vancouver with us. I was so happy. I went out and ran five miles then back for the shower.

We loaded into the car and headed north.

We stopped off in Bellingham at the Starbucks for drinks and food. Then headed North. Crossed the border pretty quick and headed straight for Grouse Mountain. Una and I booked the ZipLine and said goodbye to Natasha and Brid who went on downtown doing their things.

We rode the cable car up the mountain and went to see the grizzly bears.

Then we headed on over to the ZipLine and waited. Met a lovely fellow from London there. We got the orientation and headed out on the lines with two guides from Australia.

We got to meet the other people in our group. A lovely couple from California, a nice fellow Louis from Guatemala who was here with his niece and a girl from Melbourne.

We got the training about sliding and stopping on the first line, then Una and I went off. it was a nice short one which was nice since it was the first.

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The rest followed. We went to the second line and took off. Una and I both hit the stop very hard getting a bit of a rattle from it. The next one was better. Then we went up on the ski chair to the top. We rode two long rides from here. One was a fast one and that was good.

Headed back down the ski chair when we were done. Met up back at the ZipLine building and looked at action photos. Rode the cable car back down to the bottom and Brid and my Natasha were there waiting for us. We drove back down the mountain and went through Stanley Park. Stopped off at the Totem Poles and walked around the usual places for a wee while then back around the park.

Stopped at the hollow tree before exiting.

Next we went over to English Bay and stopped there for a wee walk around.

Chat, BYE BYE kiss and exit.

Now it was time to head back south towards home again. We drove over the border and made it through with about a half hour wait.

Stopped off in Bellingham at Exit 254 and went to Casa Que Pasa for dinner. It was a fine place to stop and we may do it again in the future.

I took over the driving from here and headed home at a good clip. Stopped off in QFC for a couple of provisions.


Dessert and a good sleep. ZZZZZZZZ

Up and at them. The girlies were lazing around for a bit so I headed on out and worked on the fence for a while. A fellow cycling by on his bike gave me a nice compliment about the fence. I smiled. The We headed out to North Bend. Dropped Brid to the outlets and then Una and I headed off over to Little Si for a hike.

We took off and headed on up up up. Una did great. We got to the top for the high five and kiss kiss.

Sat and ate our bars there along with more water. Time to head on back down came and it went by very fast. Headed back to the Outlet Mall and met up with Brid. We ran out of time so I decided not to head over to the falls. Back on the I-90 and off home.

We went down to Taste Of India for dinner. Back home for dessert. Chatted for a while and then off to bed early for the early rise tomorrow.



Up and passed away the morning.

Today we lazed around talking until I went for a six mile run. Then we chatted some more.

The girlies went over shopping and I worked on the fence. Got the top on the street side. Talked to Jenny, Carmen, James and Tony during the process.

Made the dinner and we chatted at the table til near the midnight hour.

Woke up thank god.

Today after passing away some time I took the girlies up to the outlets in Tulalip.

I shopped around with them for a couple of hours. Then I went out for my run. Ended up doing 6 miles. Then back inside the mall where I had a cuppa and a bagel at Starbucks. Met the girlies and continued shopping. We stopped into Walmart on the way out and left Tulalip eight hours later.

At home Natasha had a great dinner at the ready. We chatted until the late hours.


Woke up earlier and passed away the morning. Tea and soda bread went in.

Luann came by with Bridget to pick me up. We drove over to West Seattle and parked the car. Walked over to the finishing area of the half marathon. Then we were shuttled over to Lincoln Park for the start.

We walked over to the starting line and waited. 3..2..1 and we are off on the Orca Alki Half Marathon. We spend the first three and a half miles running through the park and then out onto the roads and up along Alki. Chatted away as we went. Passed the finishing line and die an out and back U-turn before we crossed the finishing line of the Alki Half.

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We got our finishing food and drink while we talked to other runners. Passed away the time here for a while and then we left West Seattle behind us. We went on don to Rainier Ave and into Remo’s to pick up a cake Luann had ordered for her mum’s birthday. We bought other stuff while we were there as well.

Back home and Bridget came in. We had tea and cake while she chatted with the girls. I dropped Bridget home a while later and then back to the gang. Natasha arrived back soon after and we got ready to leave.

We headed on downtown and went to the market. Showed the girls around there and we went to the Bubblegum Wall for a few photos and the like. Went up to The Cheesecake Factory for the dinner and ate like it was Christmas.

Once we were done we headed up to the ACT to see a play called King Of The Yee’s.

It was a good play and kept us going til the end.

Home and ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzz’z immediately.

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