October 2017

Up and into the shower as usual.

Passed away hours. Got to the job just after 5am. Went to work for the day and the day trodded along.

End came and I got out of there an hour later than I had planned.

Stopped off at LFP and met Julie. I ran down and back a mile and a half before we met up. Then we went on to run 7 more miles together for a total of 8.5 miles on me legs. We did have a good chat and talk about life and death.

Tried the lotto, bought some candy for the kiddos that might come trick or treating later on. Dinner too. Bye bye and off home we go. I get home and put the dinner in the oven.

We eat dinner and desserts while we watched a movie on Netflix called The Dammed.

It was actually not so bad at all.

Now a nap would be good.


Up and showered.
Ate and packed some snacks.

Work and got stuff moving.
Had a good day overall and the job is moving along very well and compliments coming in.


Made the dinner for us. Natasha arrived and we ate it.

I headed on down to the Greenlake and met Olivia. We ran around until we reached 5 miles and then we walked the .6 back to the car. A nice chat as usual and then off home.

Dessert with Natasha now a nap for the morning run.

Up and at them.

Passed away the morning as I do. Bridget came over later on and we went down to Greenlake. We did one lap of it. It went well and was a nice recovery run really for me after yesterday.

Back to the house and we had copious amounts of tea and fig rolls. Great and inspiring chats to boot. 

I headed up to Cinebarre to meet Natasha. We went in to see Only The Brave.

Fecking great movie. Loved it.

We went by the Law Office after to have a look at a quick remodel we may do there. Gave my input.

I stopped off at Safeway on the way home for dinner items. Back home I made dinner as we chatted to Realta and Aine on the Facetime as we usually do.

Watched a movie on Netflix. I forget the name now.

Now a nap for the day of labor and Mueller’s findings being released tomorrow.

Woke up in the 2am hour. Passed away the morning as one does.

Natasha went off to work and I passed away time. Bridget and Brian came for the visit. I put bread in the oven to take with them. We had a good chat and tea. I was happy Brian took time out of his visit to come and see me.

They bid me farewell and I headed down towards Gasworks Park to go for a run. I decided to try another version of my soon to be half marathon and followed a better course than I ran last week.  This time I crossed the Eastgate Ave. University Bridge and then ran a counter clockwise loop around Portage Bay going north over the Montlake Bridge and then around and over the University bridge again.

After crossing the bridge I headed down to Fairview and ran all the way down to South Lake Union. Then headed north again and continued up to Ballard. Crossed the Ballard Bridge and then ran back along the BGT to Freemont.

Ended up back at me car after a 13.1 half marathon distance done.

I headed up and picked me Natasha up at the law office. We went to ToDo Mexican for lunch.

Went to the Burlington and Sam’s club looking for shirts for the wedding to no avail. Back home. Showered and then off to Matt for the bachelor party.

After all was done we headed over to Woodinville and into Clay Oven for dinner. Had a good chat and the evening went well.

Back to the house for tea. Chatted about the day, posted on Facebook about the waxing and then time to go home arrived. I did stop off at World Market for tea on the way out.


Up and at them.

Went down to to Greenlake and ran the five mile loop with Luann. I was happy to see and run with her this day.

Went to work. Got a lot accomplished this day and got out an hour earlier.

Relaxed at home for a while. Natasha arrived and we went over to Tengu Sushi for dinner.

Tonight’s movie was  a horror I can’t remember right now but it was one of the better ones we have seen this Halloween month.


Woke up thank god.

Passed away the hours before heading out to the site.

Arrived, parked and went on me walks. Everything moving along while slow was good. Ironed out more creases. Got to hang out with Matt for tea at the first break.

Met a fine Aussie on the job shack who works for the property management company.

Headed home late in the day and the traffic was alright enough.

I made the dinner and desserts and we ate them while watching movies on Amazon. We went through the start of a few horrors but they were all shite so kept switching. We did watch a short Irish movie called The Wake. It was a nice look into what it was like when I was younger in Ireland again.

We did end up watching 2 travel shows about the Cook Islands which was nice.

Now a nap so I can be rested for a run with Luann tomorrow morning.


Woke up early.

Passed away the hours and headed off to the job in Eastgate for the day.

I got the roofers, siders and metal guys all moving together and kept an eye on them for the day. They did as I requested so it was a good day.


Baked bread as I do. Made dinner and dessert as we watched a movie. Crush The Skull.

Wasn’t so bad at all really.

Now a wee nap.

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