November 2017

Woke up after very little sleep.
Passed away the day doing nothing of much.

Headed on down to Renton Landing to meet my pal Bridget B to go and see a movie. Parked and we met up outside. The fecker had got me the ticket already. We went inside and sat down. Today we are here to see Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri

The movie was good. I liked the direction it went. Bridget got me a lovely box of chocolates to eat from Sweet Decadence which were lovely.

Bye bye and off home we go. I stopped into Safeway for some provisions. Then passed away the evening til Natasha arrived home. We had pizza for dinner and bread pudding for dessert all while we watched our first Christmas movie. Naughty & Nice.

I didn’t like it myself.



Woke up early and got the day going.

Today I went shopping to Trader joe’s for food. I brought Natasha by some lunches at her work.

At home I did a couple loads of laundry and I put up the Christmas tree.

Made dinner and we ate it once Natasha got home. We had mince pies for dessert.

Bridget O came by for a visit and a cuppa on her way home. This made me happy. We talked for a while and then time for her to go to her family arrived.

Passed away the evening doing odds and ends.

Woke up after a grand nap.

Spent the day in the bathrobe doing nothing of much. I did talk to Bridget, Marie, Una, Angela, Realta, Mary and Natasha on the phone this day.

I watched a movie on the Netflix called 1922.

I must say I liked this one and it was well written.

Natasha arrived home and we went for dinner to The Gyro Hut. Got stuffed there.
Back home we watched a movie called Z for Zachariah and ate the Gatwick gotten mince pies for dessert.

This movie was slow.

Our bags showed up tonight at 8:48pm. The lovely fellow from Virgin Atlantic gave us an umbrella as a gift.

Now a nap.

Woke up and finished the packing. Then time for breakfast. Checked out of the hotel and ride the tube over to Victoria. Then caught the Gatwick Express to the airport.

Went through security and they took our Christmas pudding brandy sauce from us. Our plane was an hour late so we waited. We boarded the B747 operated by Virgin Atlantic and took off two hours late.

Onboard I watched a documentary on the Apollo Space missions. Read the newspapers and did the puzzles. We are like KIng’s and queens onboard also. They were trying to get us on other flights because we won’t make the connection in Vegas for Seattle now.

Landed in Vegas. Had more trouble with the Christmas Pudding at security so we checked our bags in. A lovely fellow from Virgin Atlantic named Andrew helped us and he went well out of his way to do so.

We got on a Delta flight to Seattle at the last second through the gate and our bags will follow tomorrow. We boarded the B 717 for Seattle and landed a while later.

Got the car and then stopped off at Taco Bell for a wee dinner on the way home. Finally home and we put some stuff away.


Woke up just after midnight and lay around looking at stuff on the phone. At 4am I headed out for my run. I went out around the gardens and park then across London. Headed south across Tower Bridge
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and them did a westward bumble from there crossing back over the Lambeth Bridge. Then back by the now more familiar James’s Park, the palace and Hyde/Kensington Parks and Home. I ended up doing a 16 mile run.

We went down for the breakfast and overate again of course. When finished we headed off on the Tube up to Camden Town. We arrived early for the market so we went into a Pret A Manger for tea and a cookie. Matt S has sent us a text letting us know he would meet up with us today at the market.

We went out at 10 to wander around the market. Matt showed up soon after and it was a treat to see him. We wandered around chatting and shopping for over an hour. Then unfortunately it was time to depart. We said our goodbyes to Matt and it was so good he left the comfort of his sickbed to visit with us.
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We rode the Northern Line down to Morden. We had called Angela before we left so she could be ready to pick us up. She wasn’t there so we went to The Café La Vella for tea and a cookie while we waited. She called and will be picking us up. We went outside after we got the four minutes away text.

She pulled up outside and we hooped in the car. We stopped off at a supermarket and got a few items. We bought candy to take home with us. Well Angela bought it. Back in the car and off to her castle in Ewell.

We went inside. It has been six years since we were here last. We met Ashley and Isaac i believe who are renting a room off her. Lovely couple. We had the cuppa and chatted away. Soon after Sarah for Sally, Darrin and DJ showed up. Next Lauren and Harry along with Vincent and Frank. Our first time meeting Vincent and Frank. Next Liam and Jo show up. Also our first time meeting Jo. She is lovely. We saw the new garage flat and chatted with Liam and Jo in there for a while.

Dinner ala Freddy was served and it was great. Great conversations followed and I was happy that so many people turned up to meet us. One by one people departed to get on with their day. Freddy, Angela and us headed off to the town or Wycomb. Arrived in the dark and rain. We went to the Swan Theatre. Tonight we are here to see the Ben Portsmouth Taking Care Of Elvis show.

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We take our seats and the show begins. He comes on singing in the gold jacket doing the early Elvis. It took him a few songs before he won me over. His moves and voice were just astounding. Did movie years. The 68 comeback and then the 70s. An absolute ducking brilliant show. What a treat. I will remember this fondly and a great last day on our trip.
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Headed back for London after the show. Said goodbye to Angela and Freddy at Wimbledon Tube station. Arrived back to the hotel after we stopped off in Tesco’s for a few treats. Packed the bags a little and then lights out ZZZZZZ

Woke up early of course. I went out and ran a loop around the outside of Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park and back. It was a nice 5.5 mile run. It was dark of course and as I was returning I noticed the grass in the Park was white looking. I realized it was frost. Cold mornings here.

Back to the room for a steamy shower. Then down for the countless amounts of breakfast foods and tea. When we were done we headed back to the room. I headed out to go and meet Holly L at the tube station. She turned up and it was great to see her. Hugs.
We went I to Pret A Manger for the chat. Had hot drinks and Holly had a breakkie sandwich. We talked here for up on two hours. We hadn’t met in about like 15 years. She had grown up to be a wonderful person. Great sense of humor. Our conversation went from joking to serious and back. A fabulous visit that will stand out for me on this trip. We said our goodbyes and off we went.
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Natasha and I headed over to Piccadilly Street on the Tube. We went to St James’s Tavern for our lunch and then to Cutter & Squidge for tea and cake.

We then headed over to The Beguld  Theater to pick up our tickets after that and go to the play there.
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We took our seats and the play started it was well written, directed and acted. Got your mind rolling and moved emotions in you. We left there in good form. The Ferryman will be on our recommendation list.

Ride the tube back to Knightsbridge and we went into Harrods. It was mobbed of course. I was amazed at the amount of people working there. We bought a Christmas pudding and brandy sauce.
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Twas a treat of a visit. We walked back to the hotel stopping off for a samosa at the shop.

Talked on the phone with Angela and hit the hay. Lights out ZZZZ

I went out early for a run. I ended up running 10 miles around the city and the parks. As I was passing Buckingham Palace God Save The Queen by the Sex Pistols came on my music player. Fitting. It was getting bright as I was returning home. Werewolves Of London came on the player as I neared the end.

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Showered and headed down for breakfast. Wow, it was a great one. A buffet style with so many choices you do leave there stuffed.
We headed over to South Kensington Tube and bought Oyster Cards and put money on them for the train travel.

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Headed over and got off at Westminster. We went aboveground and did a walking tour that we had mapped out from the Internet. 

We decided to go inside Westminster Abbey and do the tour. It was very interesting indeed. Saw where a lot of the more famous king and queens were buried. Also poets, writers and music writers of note.  The tour was actually interesting. We saw the Coronation Chair before we exited the building. While there we talked with a nice woman who was working there. We were asking her some questions and then we got talking about the theater. She told us there was a great sold out play of the year called The Ferryman and we should go and see it if we could. Once we left Natasha booked tickets for the play on her phone.

Una was in touch with us and was planning to meet us. I texted her to say we were leaving here and heading to Buckingham Palace next. She would be there in 20 minutes. We walked Over to the palace and had a look around.

Next we continued on walking over to Trafalgar Square. Una had texted to say she was at the palace I sent her a message back to say the 20 minuets was well gone and we were at Trafalgar  Square. She was on route. We went through the Square and when we were finished we went into the National Gallery.

Another text from Una saying she was In the Square. I told her to come in the left door of the gallery and I would come and meet her. I walked down the stairs and there she was. Hugs kisses and we walked back up to where I had left Natasha.

We walked around our favorite part of the gallery looking at the Impressionists.

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Then we headed down to the cafe. Una bought us the tea and cakes there. We sat and chatted until it was time for us to leave. It was great to meet Una today and she was so kind to come all the way into town and chase ya down for the visit.

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Took the train back to the hotel. Got ready and headed out. Ride the train over to the theater to meet our gang.
We went inside the Victoria Apollo Theatre and waited in the lobby for Angela and Freddy to show up.

Soon after, in they walked. More hugs and kisses along with a lot of laughter. We picked up the tickets at will call. There was a panic going on outside with people scurrying around. We were told that there was a reported shooting at Oxford Tube Station. We calmly made our way over to Il Posto for dinner.

Had a great meal here along with great chat and getting to know Freddy some more. The report of the attack was now a false alarm of loud noises at the station and people getting crushed in the panic. All is well, London is not falling.

We went back to the Apollo when we were finished and took our seats. We are here to see Wicked the Musical. The show went along great and we all enjoyed it.
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The end came and we had to say our goodbyes in the tube station.

Headed for home and stopped into the shop for a samosa on the way.  

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