January 2018

Woke up in grand form. Went down to Greenlake and ran the five mile lake and zoo loop with Luann.

At home I lazed the day away. Repaired the leak in the tub. Paid the bills online with the new card.

Natasha came home and we went over to the Harvest Beat for the vegetarian dinner experience. Natasha had planned this as my returning back surprise. It was very nice. Talked with Joe the owner who was rea nice and the people working there were also very good. Food was great.



Went to sleep in the first hour of the day.

Woke up after a good nights sleep. Passed away some time before e I got up. Then had the shower. Packed up me bag.

Headed downstairs. Angela came down soon after. We had the breakkie together and made plans for the future. Then the time came for me to head to the airport.

Into the car and off we went. We said our goodbyes outside terminal 5. I went Inside and checked me bag on the plane and went through security. Walked around the very familiar terminal 5.

Ate a lunch from Booths. Sandwiches, chips and a cola. Headed to the C61 Gate once they announced it. Natasha called me which was great that I got to talk to her before I boarded.

I was last going through and was randomly chosen for an appointment citrate security check. Electronics out of the bag, shoes off, then swabbed all over until I got the all clear. Got myself together and headed down the ramp to the plane. Last onboard of course.

I took my seat on the B777 operated by BA. We took off on this fine machine. On board I ate a fine dinner, drank drinks and even had a Magnum ice cream bar. Also I watched the Graham Norton Show.

Crooked House

Kind of okay.

The Hitman’s Bodyguard. 

Not so bad.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle. 


Landed in Seattle in good form. Went through pretty fast and my Natasha picked me up soon after. I was so happy to see her and missed her a lot on this trip.

We drove home and she had a great dinner cooked for us. We ate that and drank from the bottle of wine that Lucie and Nicolas gave us.

Went to bed later on and lights out ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Finally tried to go to sleep after midnight. Woke up a few hours later. Angela and I took Freddie over to the train station and said our goodbyes. Then went to Lauren’s but she wasn’t up yet so off home we go. Passed away the morning then with me Angela. Had breakkie and all that.

Then I decided to go for a run so off down London Road I went and entered the park at the far end. Ran through and all the way down to Cheam. Then around and back London Road again. Passed Angela on the way. Ran another lap through the park and then I continued on down the road and over to Wimbledon. Got to the home of Lauren, Harry and the boys after my 10 mile run.

Angela was there and Lauren was gone to get her back/neck twitched by the chiropractor. We played with young Vincent and Frank until Lauren got back. Had tea of course and soon after Lauren came back and it was nice to see her. We chatted some more as we do. Then Angela, Vincent and I head over to Wimbledon to meet with Dean. We went into a new restaurant to have a cuppa and a bite.

It was so nice to see Dean and he looked so good. We had a good chat, which made me happy. OH the new restaurant was called Joe and the Juice or Joe and Juice. Had an avocado sandwich with the tea. Continued chatting until we had to go. Said our goodbyes to Dean and off we went.

Back to Lauren’s for a while, and then we headed for home. Talked to me Natasha for a while on the FaceTime. Had more tea of course. Then soon after Angela and I headed out for a three mile run around the Nonsuch Park . It went great. Back to the house with us and chatted with the room mates there for a while.

Angela cooked a great bowl of soup for us. Liam and Jo also came in to say goodbye to me. We had another great chat with them of course. Did get to talk with me Natasha as well which made me smile as usual. Finally goodbyes was said to Liam and Jo then I headed to bed leaving Angela doing her work on the computer.

Woke up after a god night’s sleep. Passed away all the morning inside on the three couches relaxing. Then went down for a walk around the waterfront. We walked down past the Martello Towers and through the field before coming back up and walking back up the way we came and continued on up past where we turned around last night on the run and continues on through town.

We stopped into Costa for tea and the like. Angela and Freddie had some snacks to keep them going. Then we headed on back to the apartment and got in the car. Then drove on out by the cranes and cargo ships. Walked around there for a wee bit. Nice sunset happened. Finally back to the car and headed for home.

Passed away a few hours until time to leave back for London arrived. I did call Natasha for a while and then off we went. We stopped off at the Alex Bar for dinner before leaving town. I had the three bean meal which was good. Then off we left once we had eaten.

We drove on down the freeway to the M25 and then around to the south and arrived home in the two hour later range. Had tea, bagel and some jam we had bought on our walk earlier. Called Natasha again and then time for the bed arrived.

Woke up and headed down stairs. Matt was up and ready with tea in him. We went across to the park and ran around for 7 miles.

Then back home for breakfast with Angela and Federico. Dropped Matt to the station after that. I was so happy he came down to see me.

Then Angela, Freddie and I headed off to Felixstowe for the night. We stopped off at Flatford to see where Constable did his paintings. We walked around and saw the different places where he did the paintings. Then we had tea and cake.

Left this fine place behind and drove into Felixstowe. Went to Freddie’s apartment which was a nice place. I talked to me Natasha again which made me happy. Later on Freddie and I went down and ran the waterfront. The wind was strong but we pushed through it and were done with the whole promenade and Home with 5.5 miles under our belt. I FaceTimed Natasha again for a while.

Had a great dinner made by Freddie. Then Ben and Jerry’s for dessert. Had a great chat and then went to bed.

Continued chatting and tea drank into the wee hours and went to bed before 2 am. Passed away the morning doing odds and ends on the laptop. Then I went out for a run. I ran across to Nonsuch Park and ran around there for a bit and then continued down to the end of Cheam Park next door. Then pretty much bumbled around until I reached 9 miles back at home.

In the door and put on the kettle. Angela got up and we had more tea and waffles. Talked to Natasha for a while. Talked to Matt S. and he agreed to come down and visit me here and we would run in the morning together. I was very happy at that. Later on Angela and I went back across to Nonsuch Park and we walked/ran for 3 miles there. That was nice and she was overjoyed with her first running steps since she was a young one.

Back home later on and many more cups of tea went in. Finally had the shower later in the evening. Then we went over to Sainsbury’s for more provisions. Once done there we went over to pick Freddie up at Stoneleigh train station. Twas great to see him as well.

Back to the house and soon after Matt called to say he had arrived in Stoneleigh so we drove over and picked him up. Back to the house and we relaxed until Freddie had cooked up a great Italian dinner. Liam and Jo joined us and we had a great many hours to follow. We then went outside under the heat lamp for the rest of the evening. Finally we got to bed before midnight. Matt stayed in the living room.

Woke up before 2 am and passed away the morning on the laptop. Ate a big breakfast and headed out for a run. I ran up to Susan’s and dropped off the last bag of Brookside berries I had. I just hung it on the gate with tape and continues off on me run. Ran back down to the Aude like we did last nights get and I ran on the West Bank. Continues down and went through the housing estate and came back the Canal. Then ran around town to build up the miles.

Finally back home after 7 miles on the books. In seven days I have run 89.5 miles or 144 KMs in Carcassonne. I made lunch and talked to Natasha.

Had the shower and headed out of town in the car. Drove the A61 back to the airport and returned the car. Then had a snack of lunch at the Columbus Cafe&Co. passed away some time and talked to Natasha as I was in line to check in.

Went to the gate and waited. Boarded the A319 operated by British Air for London. The flight went quickly. I bought a cola for a pound to wake me up. We landed in London and I went through immigration and then got me bag on the belt 7.

Topped up my Oyster card and took the Piccadilly line to Green Park and then the Victoria line to Vauxhall. I got out and headed across to Starbucks. I surprised Angela by coming in the back door behind her. Hugs kisses and we chatted there for a wee bit.

Then we rode the train down to her stop. We went into the Stoneleigh Tandoori Indian restaurant for dinner and ate like two champs. Then stopped into Sainsbury’s for a few supplies. Walked the mile home after that.
We sat at the table drinking tea, chatting and eating biscuits. Talked with Natasha on the phone also.

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