February 2018

Up and at them.
Put on the running gear and took off for Greenlake. Once I got to the lake I ran around it ad then met with Luann at Starbucks. We took off for a run down Ravenna and along the Burke Gilman.  Then back up to the lake again. It was 10 miles in total. Luann gave me a ride back home.

Showered, breakkie and off to work. Scanned all day and got finished for this stage of it. Returned the scanner to the shop. Went in too see Olivia for a quick visit.

Headed home and did a bit of tidying up. Baked bread and cooked dinner. We ate the dinner once Natasha got home. Soon after Ciara and Bridget showed up. On went the tea and bread. Ciara and Natasha continued planning Realta’s wedding shower.

Once the friends were gone we watched another episode of Black Mirror and had dessert.



Up and at them.

Ran up to Bridget’s and met up with her and Luann, then we continued on a three mile run together. Said the good byes and off home I went. Arrived back with a 10 mile run under me belt. Home for a snack and shower.

Headed on down to the Graduate for a day of scanning. Got a lot done but will have to go back tomorrow. Headed home at the end of the day. Put on two loads of the  laundry. Then installed the new door switch on the dishwasher.

Natasha arrived home and we went off down to The Triple Door to see Altan in concert.

We had a good old dinner and the band came on. They put on a real good show and the night ended great. We headed for our castle once it was over.

Now a wee nap to run in the morning with the Luann.

Up and at them.

Showered and headed off to the office. Picked up the scanner and headed back tot he Deca/Graduate for a day of scanning. Finished out the day well.

Headed for the lake when I was complete for the  day and went for me run. I did the Natasha Loop and zoo for a 10 mile run.


Ate dinner and dessert while we watched more Black Mirror.

Now a nap. .

Woke up early. Passed away the morning relaxing. Had a text from Kenmore Air letting us know the flight home was cancelled due to strong winds. We got put on the Clipper instead. Walked into town to a place called Frankie‘s to have breakfast. It’s a lot of food and good there.
We walked back to the hotel and relax for a few more hours. Then we left our bags at the desk and took off to go to Beacon Hill Park. Went to the Thriftway and bought some dessert and drinks to take With us. All of a sudden I t began raining so we had to turn around and go back to Starbucks to eat the cake there. It was also nice having hot drinks while it was cold and wet outside.

Once the weather warmed up we headed back into town for a look around instead. Passed away the rest of the day there until it was time to pick up the bags and head to the Clipper.

The 5pm sailing was now put off til 7pm because of the strong winds and waves on the way. We went through security and immigration and waited to board. We got on the boat at 5:30 and then waited until after 7 for it to leave. We ate dinner onboard.

The sailing down took longer than usual but we arrived back in Seattle and took an Uber back up to Kenmore Air on lake Union. Then headed for home.

Went to bed after midnight.

Woke up at the early hour and relaxed the morning away. I put on the kettle later on and ate a few cookies as I drank me tea. Then I got dressed and headed out for my run.

I ran counter clockwise from the hotel on the trail and sidewalk until I got to the end. Then headed back towards town on Fairfield Road. Then went right on Douglas and continued on here for a while.  Eventually crossed over the bridge on Bay Street and then took a left and came back into town over the bridge on  Esquimalt Road. Turned right in town and ran back around the bay to the hotel with 10.68 miles on the books.

Had a shower and another cup of tea. Passed away a bit more time and then headed out for breakfast. We went to Nourish and ate a grand meal.

We walked on over to Craigdarroch Castle for a visit. This was an interesting place. Good information was had while we took the tour. Mosied in back to town when we were done. Then we walked on over to the James Bay Teahouse for lunch.  Low and behold they were closed for kitchen repairs.

We walked back through town and up to the Venus Sophia Tearoom And Vegetarian Eatery. Had the afternoon tea there and it was just as filling as the last time.

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A lovely girl from Nova Scotia served us and she was wonderful. Left there well stuffed and wandered our way back through stores,pathways,streets and people to our hotel.

We passed away the rest of the evening at home in the warm hotel.


Woke up early of course. Passed away the morning drinking tea and chatting to Natasha. Packed my light backpack and headed out.
We drove on down to Kenmore Air on Lake Washington and checked in. The 8 am flight will now leave at 9. We went over to Starbucks at the AIG building. Had a cuppa and bagel there. Headed back across to Kenmore Air closer to departure time.

We waited a minute or two and then walked down the dock to the plane. We boarded the plane already no with another couple and then s family of four. Got a quick safety talk from the pilot and then we got ready.

He fired up the plane and slowly moved away from the dock and out onto the lake. Picked up the power and we lifted off. Réalta just FaceTimed as we were taking off too. We chatted for a minute and then we continued on flying up to Victoria.

It was lovely flying up over the islands with the snow capped Cascades to our east and the snow capped Olympics to our left. We came into the harbor in Victoria and made our way in for the landing. I watched the plane skiff coming closer to the water and then we landed very smoothly.

Went through immigration and then walked over to our hotel. The Inn At Laurel Point.  We got room 225. Then we walked off back into town. Stopped into the Green Cuisine in the Market Place for the vegetarian lunch. Twas grand.

When we were done with lunch we went into The Royal British Museum for a look around. It was a nice visit and we were done a few hours later.

We decided to have dinner at The Old Spaghetti Factory. Got served from a nice girl. Ate the usual meal we do when we go here. Headed on back to the hotel after a wee stop at the market.

Natasha had a love package delivered to the room while we were out. Twas a grand novelty kit.
Did crosswords and lights out zzzzzzzzz

Woke up at 2am.
Then passed away the morning doing odds and ends. Had the breakkie and chat with me Natasha when she woke up.

I went out to meet E.C. at the corner of 15th Ave NE. We went off for a four mile bumble in the snow and slippery conditions. We had a grand chat and got to know each other on the way round. I said goodbye to EC for Eileen and got a 4 mile run in.

Quick change and out the door to head back to the Deca/Graduate for the day of scanning. Got a lot done this day. Took the scanner back to the shop when I got done with it. Talked to a few people there as usual.

Headed home and passed away the afternoon until Natasha came home. I popped a load of laundry on and off we went over to Geenwood. We went to Gordito’s for dinner and then into the Taproot Theater to see Camping With Henry and Tom.

We had a couple of cookies before the play and then took our seats.

The play moved along quite well. I loved the second act more than the first but we had to get to know the characters in the first one. IT did finish very well and funny along the way.Overall a good play.



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