October 2018

Woke up very early of course. Lit the fire. Then put on the cuppa. It was dark and raining so I put on a movie. Manchester By The Sea.

It was a good gloomy bleak movie. Just like an Irish story.
The weather outside was wet wet wet. I decided finally to get anything done I would have to work inside the basement. So I built some shelves to go on the back of the cabinets. Varnished them in place. Then cut, varnished and installed all the trim on the back of the cabinets. Next up I cut the kitchen backsplash down and installed that, then glued and sealed it with silicone. Next up I cut, sanded and varnished the window trim. Then cleaned up everywhere and vacuumed the floors.

Natasha was going to be here in a while so I went out for a run. Ran down to the cul de sac and back a couple of times. Ran up the Coulter Creek Road and took a right on Roaring Creek Road. Ran in there for a while. I did for the first time run with the bear spray in hand. A 5 mile run done. Back home and put stuff in the laundry. Then headed to the shower. Natasha had arrived when I was done.

She loved the new work that was done of course. I put on the dinner for us and we dined. Watched a bit of telly.


We started into a movie since it was Halloween. It was called You’re Next.

Twas a slasher suspenseful one but time for bed took over and we must watch the rest of it again.


Woke up early after a good nap. Headed o down to meet Luann at the Starbucks and then we went for a 4-mile run. Twas nice to be out with her again and at a lower elevation. We made plans for a run on Friday.

I stopped into Safeway on the way home. Got a few provisions for Cluain Mothair. Then headed off home and packed up. Talked with Bridget B and we left our homes around the same time. We caught up to each other on highway 2. We then chatted on the phone as we made it over the pass and to home.

We went inside and I gave her the tour of the place. Tea went on, snacks and chats followed. I lit the fire earlier and baked bread. Had a great day with her and when the time for her departure arrived I rode down to and east along highway 2 with her until I got her to drop me off where I could pick up the back road home.

We said our goodbyes and off we went. I ran back up to the mailboxes to check for mail. Then headed on down to the cul de sac and did a couple of circles before heading back towards home. Arrived back after 5.5 miles run.

I took the plywood out of the truck and cut it down to fit the bare back of the cabinets on the island. Then I made a few other cuts and put the tools away. I ate me dinner and dessert. Then I put on a movie called Lion. A true story and it was alright.

Headed up to bed here and hopefully I will fall asleep soon since it is about 10pm.

Up and at them.
Passed away the morning doing odds and ends.
Headed over to Home Depot and Lowe’s to get a few supplies for the Cluain Mothair. Then back home.

Cleaned the living room from head to toe. Did the laundry as well. Varnished the plywood I got for the back of the kitchen cabinets in Cluain Mothair. Went over to Best Buy to buy a new laptop. Got an Lenova.

Natasha arrived home from work and we went to Tengu for dinner. Back home again. Passed away some time and then we headed downtown to The Showbox. Went inside to see PiL in concert.

The band arrived on stage soon after. They did their stuff. Twas good to see Johnny again at least.

Had a veggie dog before we headed home.

At home I put a second coat of varnish on the plywood before bed.

Woke and got up in the two o’clock hour. Lit the fire and relaxed. Then sanded the kitchen wall. Went out in the 6am hour and drove over to where Luann was staying. Eventually found her.

We drove over towards Fish Lake and went out for our run. We ran around the lake. Had a great chat and a few toilet stops along the way. Got back to the car with 8.3 miles under our feet. I dropped her back and then headed home to me Natasha.

We had breakfast and then I primed the kitchen walls. Relaxed. Then I painted the kitchen walls. Put the backsplash up on the counter top to see how it looked and it looked great. Tis a keeper. Later on we loaded up the cars and headed back home to Seattle.

Dinner and desserts as we watched some more Haunting at Hill house. Then headed out the door later and downtown. We parked in a lot and went to the Moore Theater to see Simple Minds in concert.

They came on and put on a great show. It was thirty years ago, I saw this band last and they haven’t lost it. Well at least Jim since he was about the only original member on stage. Left there happy.

Woke up alive at least. Passed away a wee bit of time. Then started in on moving the outlets up on the wall so we could put the backsplash on later. I then mudded the walls after I gave them a wee sanding.

Lazed for a while. Then went outside and set up the log splitter. Then we began to split logs. We out them in Natasha’s car and drove them over the lawn to the splitter. We chopped about three or four cars full and got them into the shed. Then we were running out of gas so we called it a day.

Went inside and relaxed. Soon after Cabot, Angela, Lily and Marty showed up for the chat. Treats and beers followed. Had a great old chat and made plans. After they headed out for the evening Natasha and I ate dinner while we finished the last of the 47 Ronin movie.
I liked it but Natasha wasn’t so fond of the ending.

I sanded the walls and put another coat of mud on it. Then time for the bed arrived. Now I hope to sleep as I will be running with Luann tomorrow morning early.

Headed off over to the NW Hospital and did some scanning for Russell. Let him know where there was rebar in the wall along with metal posts. Had a good time with him. Then after the hot chocolate I headed back to the office.

Worked at being busy the whole day long. Got everything pretty much wrapped up at the end of the day. Scaffolding down and the siding pretty much done. Got to say me goodbyes to people I cared about and then headed out late.

Across the 90 and up the 405 to the 522 and across 2 till I got to Cluain Mothair. Natasha was already there and had the dinner in the oven. We relaxed for a while chatting like we do. Then time to eat came. Natasha had made a great pasta dinner and I had seconds.
We began watching the 47 Ronin on the external.

Twas just as good as the last time I saw it. Cabot showed up to hook up the water. He had Marty in the car and they were heading off for dinner. We continue watching the movie until twas time to go to bed. We will finish the movie tomorrow.



Passed away the morning. Then headed off down to Auburn General Hospital. Scanned in the new pharmacy for Nicolas. Scanned quite a few areas and then headed out once I was done.

Headed on over to Sammamish after that. Met Chuck and we worked on tarping off the mechanical box on the roof. Went to Tandoor for lunch and the good fellow cooked us up a medley of food. A fabulous lunch indeed and a great owner. He gave us a lesson in theology.

Headed back to the office once done here. Finished out the day with the lads. Then time to leave arrived and off I headed for home. Natasha arrived home later on and we headed off to Tengu for dinner. Then OFC for supplies.


Watched some more of Haunting At Hill House. Twas good and we are five episodes of ten into it now.


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