Got up early of course. 

Headed on down to the Greenlake to meet Luann. We ran the 5 mile loop around the lake and zoo. Twas a nice run and chat. Home for the breakfast after that.

Then headed over to Julie’s for the second run of the day. We ran around her neighborhood for three miles. Then back to her house for the cup of tea and chat.

I headed on over to Costco then to get some provisions. Back home and put everything away. Made lunch. Passed away the rest of the day repairing the lights on the Christmas tree. Then headed over to the Law office. Met Cora for the first time there. Lovely girl. Also a hello to Christine.

Chatted with Natasha and Robert for a while. Natasha and I headed on over to Subway for dinner. Then home for dessert and a movie. Tonight’s one was called The Vault.

and it was shite.

I put away the last of the Christmas items into the boxes to get ready for the yearly storage. I got my resolutions up and online. Now I will cruise through the year.

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The band came on and finished out the night well. Another good show over. We say our goodbyes and off we go. We get home around 1am and I unplug the Christmas lights for the last time.


Woke up a few hours later and got the day started.

Passed away the day with me Natasha. We started taking down the decorations. We headed on over to Thornton Place to see The Disaster Artist.

Twas just okay.

We went into Tengu for dinner after that. Ate a grand dinner and off home we go.

Continued with the decoration removal. I started replacing all the burnt out light bulbs on the tree. Then headed on over to Julie’s house.

Bridget showed up soon after and we worked on their budgets for the year and financial decisions. A grand chat and cuppa with hopes of the future followed.

Home and now a nap for the early morning run.

Up and passed away the morning with Natasha.
Then I drove down to the Arboretum and parked. I then took off on my new run. I ran across the WA-520 Bridge then south through Clyde Hill, Bellevue and Beaux Arts before crossing over the I-90 Bridge. Once back on the west side I headed north up along Lake Washington Boulevard and onto Lakeside for a bit at Leschi. Then continued on up the hill on Lake Washington Blvd. again and through the Arboretum back to my car for an 18 mile run. I lost satellite in a few areas so it probably was a bit longer. I had planned to do this loop a few years ago but you couldn’t cross the WA-520 Bridge but thanks to Melissa yesterday I found out they just had opened in a couple of weeks ago. December 20th in fact.
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I drove home and Natasha had made us the lunch. Passed away some time watching a movie on Prime called The Hunter’s Prayer.

It was just a good time passer.

We headed over to Ballard in the evening to see The Paperboys in concert at The Tractor. We went to Hattie’s Hat for the dinner first. We met Matt and Phil, John and Marci along with Megan there and we ate a healthy enough dinner.

Went to the Tractor next and the Paperboys came on stage and put on another great show as usual. They left before midnight for a break.

Up and passed away the morning doing odds and ends. Like cooking, laundry and opening up the jigsaw we got from Scott and Kristine. Then headed up to Alderwood to see a movie with Bridget. Today we went to see I-Tonya.

Twas actually an alright movie.

Raced back down the I-5 and got to the market. Waited there for a wee bit and then headed over to meet Melissa W. We ran across and back the 520 bridge. A first for me, well for her also. We had a nice chat and a 6 mile run. I have always liked Melissa and was happy to have spent time with her.  

Headed back home and waited for the Natasha to come home. We had the dinner and chatted for a while. Then Bridget O came by and we had tea with bars to pass the evening.

Now I will try and nap.

Got up after 3:30 passed way the morning and then headed out at 4. Met Kent at the office and I got the scanner there. I then headed to the airport.

Mat Chad at Baggage Claim belt 9. We went through the security and then headed up on the roof once we got the fellow to escort us. I scanned in the two locations and then got all the stuff back together and headed out. Made me way back to the office and I wrote up my report. Was done around 7:50

Headed on up to Greenlake then to go for my run. Ran the lake and zoo for my 5 mile loop. Then headed on over to Safeway for a few provisions. Finally back home again. Put on the cuppa.

Headed on over to Thornton Place to see a movie. Saw The Greatest Showman.

Twas was just okay. Being another true story helped.

Back home where I spent the rest of the day vacuuming and cleaning and polishing. Put the dinner on and had it ready when the Natasha got home.

Passed away the evening as one does I suppose.

Woke up after a good rest.

Headed on out for a 5 mile run. Then home for the shower.

Headed on down to AMC Southcenter to see Molly’s Game with Bridget B.

Now this movie is my favorite of the year so far. Very good. I’ll go again with Natasha. 

Came home after that. Had a call from Chuck and it would be nice if I could do some scanning at the airport tomorrow.  He talked so good about his new good woman and I was happy to hear him so happy.

This is my official time from the Last Chance Half Marathon on new years eve.

and a picture.

or two

Anyway Natasha came home and we ate dinner. Watched a movie on Prime called Life On The Line.

Twas alright.

Now a nap for an early start tomorrow.

Did manage to wake up this morning.

Headed over to Bridget’s and we went for a three mile run. Back home for a shower but ended up talking to me pal Anne D. back in Galway. We talked longer than the time I needed to have the shower.

Headed back out again and down to AMC movie theatre @ Southcenter. Met Bridget B. there and we went in to see All The Money In The World.

I thought it was a good movie. Best of the year so far.

We headed on over to the Gene Coulon Memorial Beach Park and parked. Then we walked on over and did the plunge for the new year.

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Then we headed off for the homes.

I had the hot shower finally. Then lunch.
Passed away the rest of the day planning stuff and the like.

When Natasha came home we walked down to and around the Maple Leaf Park. Back home then and we ate the dinner.

Passed away the evening as we do and now maybe a movie before sleep time.