Woke up after another good nights sleep. For some reason I seem to get an extra hour in NYC.

Had the cuppa as usual. Then walked Natasha to Starbucks before I went out for a run. I ran up and around the park and back then east to 5th and back for home. Met Natasha walking up towards Times Square. I ended my run here at 10 miles.

We walked up to get tickets for Cats and Waitress. I changed shirts outside the Edison Hotel since my original one was wet with sweat. We walked up to the park and then up the west side. Went over to Andy’s deli on Amsterdam and 74th to get picnic supplies. We headed back to the park next. Natasha took my photo at Strawberry Fields to mark the 30 years since I first went there.

We walked on through the park then and sat on a bench in the Ramble and enjoyed our veggie sandwiches, drinks and desserts from Andy’s which cost less than $20 still for the lot. I must remember that. Once we were done we walked on through the park and down through town to 52nd. Then headed west and into Starbucks for drinks and a brownie.

After time had passed we walked over to the Neil Simon Theatre to see Cats the Musical.
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We took our seats five rows back from the stage and the show began. This is my favorite show of all time still I love the revamped version of it. We saw it last year here as well. My heart was pounding and legs tapping all the way through the show. Fecking brilliant. Left there in a great mood and chatting away to me wifey. Headed home for a wee bit.

We walked up and went in to the Dim Sum Palace for dinner. It was grand. We walked on over to Times Square for a while and then went into the Brooks Atkinson Theatre to see Waitress. They wanted like $12 for a wee bit of pie in a jar so we didn’t go for that.

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The play started and it kept momentum all the way through. It was a good story about life and what it can be like in love and happiness. I liked the reality of it.

We stopped into Junior’s for cheesecake on the way home. We ate it before we went to bed.



Woke up after a grand sleep.
Had a cuppa and then headed on out for a run. I ran down the Highline and then across to Riverside Park at the end of it. Continued down the waterfront and did a u-turn at Albany Street. Then back up the way I came down and ended up making up a 9 mile run.

Showered ad headed back out again. I walked the 2.5 miles down to meet my friend Cait at Zuker Bakery on E9th St. We arrived right at the same time.

We sat, drank tea and buns served by Luke for about two hours. We had a great chat and catchup. The time went by well and we will cross paths in the future again god willing.

We went over to meet her friend who may become the Night Time Mayor Of NYC. He was a lovely fellow but I had to head back to the apartment so didn’t get to spend any time with him.

I called Natasha as I walked along back towards home. She was about to get the subway back from the Guggenheim so we said bye bye and I decided to run home from there. I got a 2.25 mile run in and Natasha happened to cross paths with me. We walked home from there.

Relaxed for a minute and then we went out to Johnny’s Panini and Coffee Bar for lunch. Johnny was there and oh boy served us up two great paninis along with some Cape Cod Chips. I had the Eggplant Coponata and Natasha had the Anchovies e Mozzarella. Back to our apartment and passed away the time. 

We went out later on and walked up to Times Square. We sat out there for a grand while watching the people. Then we had a snack from Nuchas. Had veggie and dessert empanadas.

We walked on over to the 47th St Theater to see Spamilton the Musical.


We took our seats and waited. Then it began and feck it was another good one. I laughed out loud at some of it. The show ended and we left the theatre with a smile on our faces.

Stopped into The Westway Diner for the late night snack. Then waddled off home. Chatted on the Facebook for a wee bit and then lights out ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Up and at them.
Tea on and in.
Walked with Natasha over to Starbucks so she could use the faster internet for her work. Then I went for a run up around Central Park and home. I ran the park drives today. Ran along with a fine friendly girl from near LA. We had a good chat. Came back out of the park on 7th and ran down to Starbucks but Natasha had already left. I continued to run up the end of the last mile and ended up doing just over 10 miles. Felt great and the run was a good one. Natasha arrived home soon after. Had the shower happy and we headed out.
We walked down to 34th St and into the Country Coffee Company. Had a cuppa and fine cranberry multigrain bagels with cream cheese here. Next we walked down to 30th and entered the Highline there. We walked south along it until the end. Some nice art pieces put out on it for the 2017 year.

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We walked over to the subway and rode on the L and 6 trains down to Brooklyn Bridge and then exited there. We walked across the bridge to Brooklyn and stopped into Garibaldi’s for the pizza. This is our second time eating here and again it was just a bit overrated for the hype about the place. We walked down to the Park for a look across to the city after that. Great views as always.

We walked back across the Brooklyn Bridge to the city again. Then decided to walk the rest of the way back to our apartment on 38th St.
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It was a lovely stroll with me Natasha. We had a sample of pumpkin chai at Argo Tea on the way. Relaxed at home for a while and then the time to go out came again. We walked up to 46th and into Pret A Manger for tea and a sandwich.

We headed over to the Richard Rogers Theatre after that.
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We took our seats

and soon after Hamilton The Musical started. We were two years trying to get tickets to see this and we bought these in the lottery last year when we were here. The first act was excellent and I had a smile on my face the whole time almost as big as Natasha’s. I went down to the bathroom at the intermission and the lines were long as feck. Got back to me seat before the second act started, many others didn’t. The second act went along great as well and the end came in what seemed like very quick. With three hours of a musical going by so fast it only meant it took you right into it and wow, “WOW!” in fact. If the good lord leaves us on this planet we will get to see Hamilton again in Seattle.

We left the theatre very happy and discussing the musical as we made our way to Junior’s for cheesecake dessert. I had apple crumble and Natasha had blueberry. Fecking too good. We waddled back to our apartment and lights out ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

Passed into the today along route somewhere. Continued to watch the tv and listen to music along the way. Did nod off and on for a wee bit.

Landed in JFK. I realized it was 33 years ago tomorrow I touched down here on my first trip to the USA.  We rode the Sky Train to Jamaica St and rode the E Train in to 42nd Street.

We walked up to Juniors for the breakfast as usual. Then we walked over and met Jennifer from Italy and got the keys from her to the apartment we have rented. She was lovely.

Got the the small two bedroom at a big push on 38th St. We unpacked and passed away a small bit of time. Then we headed over to the Circle Line and bought a round the island type of tour ticket. $42 each for the 2.5 Best Of NYC Cruise around the whole of Manhattan.

We had a grand tour guide talking us around the place and saw all the sights there was to be seen. I did this same tour last 33 years ago as well so a kind of anniversary really.

Got off the boat when we were done and went to the 99c pizza place for lunch. 2 slices and a coke for $2.75. What a deal. We went over to the marked to buy a few items to have in the apartment. Then walked home to the 4W apartment.

Had a cuppa.

Passed away the afternoon in a lazy way. We went out for dinner in the evening and ended up at an Indian place called Curry Hut on 9th Ave.

Home after a walk around.

Lights out zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Went down to the office by 6 to get the permits for over the sidewalk lift work. Headed on over to Alki. Later on Evan showed up and he got started on the collector boxes. The gardeners showed up and I got them going on the planters.

I monitored Evan up above as people walked down below. Met a grand woman from Texas who owns a 38 bedroom hotel in New Mexico I believe. She may move to Seattle. Met the nice retired woman who moved here from Hawaii. Met a WW2 vet and had a wee chat with him. A quick chat to the manager of the restaurant. Then Mike the city inspector showed up and we had all the permits in order.

Right before 11 I got Evan to move the lift around to the parking lot. I carried the cones and ribbon back as well. Everything as done and cleaned out front by 10:59 exactly. Evan headed out. I went up and kept an eye on the gardeners for the rest of their day.

Popped over to Starbucks for a tea. Talked with Ros during the day and she was happy. Chick showed up and we got the concrete pre-casts in place. Time to head home arrived after starting 9 hours ago.

At home I packed me bag and went through different items. Cleaned up areas while I was looking for the external hard drives to get music on my new mp3 player that arrived today.

Made dinner and dessert for us once Natasha arrived home. Then we got everything under control for our absence and headed to the airport. Parked at the Park And Jet. Took the shuttle over to the airport.

Went through security and waited at the boarding gate. We got on the A321 operated by Jet Blue for New York. Down the runway and off a soaring we go. Watched a movie on board to pass the time.

Got the day started.

Headed on down to the U-District. Mat Marc B there at the job. Matt L showed up and we got started on the scanning. I showed Matt some tips and how to do it. He was comfortable at it so my training went well.

Dropped the scanner back to the office. Then headed on over to Sammamish Town Center. I did a few punch items there for Marc. Then headed home.

Had a later lunch and then did some laundry. Got the spare table out of the garage for the shower party in a week or two from now.

Natasha arrived home and we had dinner. Watched another horror movie on the telly. A Haunting In Saginaw, Michigan.

It was alright enough.

We watched the first episode of Moone Boy Season 1 on Hulu after that.

It wasn’t so bad at all.

Now I lay in bed after eating a pile of sweets this evening. I may never sleep, but then again what else in new.

Up and at them.
Passed away the morning for a while. I made pumpkin waffles for Natasha and myself to eat for the breakkie.

I headed on over to Bridget and we went for a 5 mile run. Had a grand chat and was happy to get the run in. I stopped into Lowe’s and Home Depot to get more wood for the fence.

Came back home and worked on the fence some more. We went on over to Tengu for dinner in the evening. Then dessert of cupcakes that Natasha made us while we watched another horror movie on Amazon. Hell House.

It was just about okay.

Now time for an nap.