Woke up early. Aine had a good night of sleep. I got up and changed the clocks one hour forward. Got the day started and got the gang up soon after.

We headed off over to meet with a realtor (Gavin) over at Cole’s Corner on the way to Leavenworth. Aine was packed up warm and off we went. We got to the meeting point and Gavin arrived a few minutes later.  

We drove down to the house we were to look at and it was alright enough. We talked about our price and when we reached a good starting point we said write it up. So our offer is on the books now as I write this here. We can do a lot of work with the place and it should make a grand weekend getaway.

We drove on back too Seattle and in home. We took Aine down to the park for a play around.  She was up to her usual tricks and had fun. Today was the first tie she wasn’t too happy about leaving the park. I loved that.

Back home for the dinner and her movie. Passed away the evening pretty much looking after her of course.

Now she in bed and now what?

Oh yeah this is a video I put up on Facebook of her last night. Fun.  And it can be seen HERE.


Woke up without the Aine this morning. I felt alone to a point.  Anyway I went out for a run.

I ran a half marathon in distance in solidarity with my friend Eileen who ran the Lake Sammamish Half. Took it easy and talked with Grace on the whole run. She has gotten herself into a slight hole with her mania over the last year and a half. She will get through it though. I am hopeful. 

Back home and Grainne was at the house with Aine.  We had tea and cakes. Well Aine didn’t but the rest of us had. When Grainne was done and headed out we took Aine on down to Saint Edwards Park. We had heard a lot about the fort playground there.  We parked and went in.  It was chilly in the shade. It was nice but would be nicer had she been a year or two older.

We headed back to MOD Pizza in LFP for dinner. Aine had a kids cheese pizza of which she nibbled through over a quarter of it. Back home and more Secret Life Of Pets. Dessert and the evening slipped into night.

Off to bed we go.

Aine woke up a couple of times during the night and it was hard to settle the poor girl. The usual singing and rubbing her legs wasn’t working so I put on YouTube videos of babies laughing on my phone. She loved looking at this and was asleep in a couple of minutes again.

Got the day started and we kept busy all the day long. Grandpa Doug came by for the visit which was nice. we chatted about different stuff for a while.I took Aine down to the park when he was gone and we spent a lot of time there.

Grainne came by later on and we loaded Aine and her belongings into her car. I was lonesome to see her go really. Played a game of Nintendo which helped me of course.

Natasha arrived home and we went to Tengu for sushi. Passed away some time at home and then headed downtown. We parked in the back street in SoDo and went into the Showbox. Tonight we are here to see AWAONATION in concert.

The band came on and put on a fucking jumping rocking great show. I need to listen to them more when I run to motivate me into more speed.

We headed home and off to sleep. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Aine slept the whole night and I was up early waiting for her to wake up for hours. I heard a noise and went off to the bedroom to check  on her. There she was toddling out along the floor with a big joy and curiosity of life smile on her face.

Passed away the morning doing what you do with a one year old. Then we headed out. We drove up to Kym’s Kiddy Corner and went inside. It has been 28 years since I was in this place. This is where we bought the crib and other items for Realta before she was born. Here I am today looking to buy a jogging stroller for Aine. Got the Kelty one. It was only $49.99 and she would buy it back when I was done for $25 if I didn’t need it. The new owner of the store is truly lovely.

Back into the car and we went on down to Greenlake and parked at the playfields. I put Aine into the stroller and we took off in the pouring rain. She slept for the first five miles and was awake for the last five. She ate crackers and drank milk along the way. Got done with the 10 mile run. Loaded the Kelty back into the car and off home we go. I felt great about the 10 miles since it was my first time ever running with a stroller. Yaaaaaah.

I made a pancake for Aine and she enjoyed that as well. Just like Realta when she was a kid, well Realta enjoys pancakes to this day. More of The Secret Life Of Pets and playing until Natasha arrived home. I made dinner for us all.  

We went down to Nathan Hale High School to see the presentation Sam organized and put on.
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The last time we were at this school was for Realta’s graduation and here we are now with Aine walking in her mum’s footsteps. Speaking about Aine she was very social and loved by everyone. Sean, Beth and the girls were there which was nice. Brenda and Sam too of course. Marci and John and soon after Philippa and Matt showed up. The presentation started and went along great. Aine was getting impatient and the milk and protein bar could last only so long before she got bored. I took her out for a walk around the halls. She eventually nodded off to sleep and I went back inside to hear the last part of the presentation.

We said our goodbyes and off home we went. Put the Aine into her bed and then we went to sleep.

Here are some of the earlier part of our day photos.

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Aine woke up four times during the night. I found rubbing her legs did the trick to get her back to sleep.

She woke up in great form in the morning. Natasha headed off to work. I spent the day with Aine of course. Watched more of the movie and ate.

We headed on down to the Reservoir Park and played with some of the kids there. She loved all the things to do at the park and did them all. We used to take Realta to this park when she was a lass so it was fitting to take her daughter of course.

Passed away the evening until Natasha arrived home. We had dinner and dessert and chatting and playing with Aine. Aine had her bath and off to bed.

I got up early. Natasha got later on. I went out for my 10 mile run when she went to work.

Back home and the kiddos were leaving to go and see Steve’s grandparents. I tidied up the house a bit more.

Later on Steve, Réalta and Aine arrived back. Steve’s dad Doug also came by to say goodbye to the kids before they drove back to California. He was truly a nice fellow.

Time came for everyone to depart. Doug headed off. Réalta and Steve headed out after that and Aine stayed with me. We passed away the time eating and drawing pictures.

Philippa showed up and had the cuppa. I drove her to the airport as she was flying over to Walls Walls for a couple of days. Aine had her nap in the car while I did this. Bye bye to Phil and back home we went.

We watched a movie on Netflix. The Secret Life Of Pets.

It was very watchable.

Played away as well. Natasha arrived home and I put on dinner. We ate it up and continued watching the movie with Aine. After that we gave her her bath.

I put Aine in Realta’s bed and lay with her while she slept.

Like I said we got home from the weekend away just after midnight. Went to bed and woke up a few hours later.

Today is my rest day so I didn’t run. Pressured washed the pathway and washed the car and truck. Headed to Costco with the truck to buy a table but they were out of them at that one.

Headed back home and got the place ready for Réalta’s bridal shower. Réalta arrived over and we had lunch. We went to the hair store and she got a few things.

Natasha arrived home early and Ciara followed soon after. The party prep went well. Later on people started to arrive.
I hung around long enough to see Philippa come over. Followed by Grainne, Sinead, May, Ali and Bridget. A few more arrived who I didn’t know but I headed out then to let them on with it.
I arrived back home in time to take a couple of group photos. The party ended and people started to leave. Met Heidi, Brenda and Annabella who had arrived after I had left. Steve showed up with Aine.

The rest of the evening passed away and only a core handful were left. Annabella stayed on til the last which was lovely. I always liked her the most of Réalta’s school friends and she grew up to be a wonderful person.
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Did a quick tidy up and off to bed.