Woke up in the 2am hour.

Headed over to Bridget at 7:30. We had the chat and then headed out for a run. We ran the Julie 5 mile loop. Went in for tea once it was done.

Headed home to Natasha. I made us a curry chip lunch. Passed away a few hours and then headed down to Slim’s Last Chance on 1st Ave. We walked around looking at the bikes and cars on display there.

We saw this car that was used in one of Ed Sheeran’s videos.

We met with Scott and Kristine there. Then met with Jodi and Sean inside Slim’s. 

We headed off and over to West Seattle later on. Then went into The Bridge for dinner. It was good. Headed back to White Center for dessert at the Full Tilth. Had the huckleberry one myself. Then we headed into Drunky Two Shoes to see The dusty 45s play.

They put on a great show as usual.

More photos from the show HERE.

Headed home after and I made us a quick baked potatoes and curry sauce.

Now a nap.

Woke up grand.

Had tea and toast. Then a few hours later Luann came by and we headed off down to Magnuson Park for a run. We ran around twice and then a modified third time around until we got our 8 mile run in. It went well.

We went back home and Luann finally got to meet Natasha. We chatted there for quite a while. I gave Luann the thirty second tour of the house. She headed out later on.

Natasha and I had a cuppa and a quick bite. Then we went out on a walk of the neighborhood taking in different parks and greenways along the Thornton Creek. Went through places we have lived beside for years but never gone into. Found a lot of interesting places and photos are HERE.

Met Janet down the road as we were coming back and she let us know something important was happening today. I guessed it was her birthday and got it right. She is 65.  Gave her big hugs and off we went.

Went inside the house and got a couple of items and then headed over to Subway at Thornton Place for lunch. The nice fellow we know there told us of his intention to get married next year. We chatted to him for a while and ate our veggie max sandwich. Then headed across to see Atomic Blonde at the cinema.

It was a good movie all the way to the end.

Stopped in QFC for provisions and then went home. We passed away the evening until dinner time.

For dinner we ate a big salad with Gimme Lean veggie sausages. Ice cream and blackberries for dessert. All the while we were watching a movie on Netflix called The Disappointments Room.

It was alright as well.


Now a nap

Woke up early.

Went on down to the lake to meet with Luann. We ran 4.65 miles down along the lake and east over 45th street to 15th. Then north until we came to Ravenna and we headed back west to where we met at Starbucks earlier. My watch got three of the total miles before it was full of runs.


Ate breakfast and cleared out the data from me watch. It is now empty and ready to scrape on by for a few runs more. I scrubbed the toilet from the ceiling to the floor and everything in between.

Natasha came home and we went to Tengu Sushi for dinner. Back home and relaxed for a while. Then at 7:30 we headed on down the a pub called The Monkey in the U-District for Trivia Night.

Matt, Philippa, Natasha and I played in the same team and we named ourselves The John Triviaoltas. Then on the usual team were Brenda, Marshall, Stephanie and Rick. (Trivia Newton John). The evening went well and we didn’t come in last.

Now a nap.

Up and at them. 

Headed on down to the Greenlake and met with Luann. We ran around the lake and zoo again for a faster than yesterday 5 mile run. A good chat also.

Back home to me Natasha before she went to work. I ate me breakfast and then headed over to LFP and met Julie for a run. We did out and back on the BGT for a 4 mile run.

Went over to Bridget’s and watered the garden and hung out for a couple of hours. Then home for lunch. After that I headed downstairs and cleaned up the back patio.

Natasha arrived home and we went up to the golf course and walked around it and a bit more for a three mile walk. Great chat the whole way. Stopped into Enat after that for dinner. Met a nice girl and her son in there. Ann was her name and maybe Bobby on the son.


Watched the start of a movie on Netflix. Now a nap should follow.

Woke up tired. 

Went down to Greenlake and met Luann. We ran five miles around the lake and zoo again. Met up with some people doing a Nuun research. We took part in it and got a free water bottle and powder.


Passed away the morning doing odds and in the end I headed up to see Lily in Bothell. Got checked in and got my massage. Left there feeling grand.

Stopped into the law office to see Natasha on the way past. Took the mail tot he post office for her. Then went to QFC to get a few provisions.


I made up the bits and pieces for our concert tonight at Marymoor Park. I headed back up tot he law office and we went tot he concert in the Subaru. Parked and went inside.

We ate our dinner and dessert and waited for Willie. The opening band came on and did a grand set. Willie came on after the first singer was done. He began with the usual Whiskey River. While he sounded a wee different than the last time we saw him, he put on a great show all the way through.

We got out right at the end of the concert and headed back tot he law office where I picked up my car and headed home.

Now I lay in bed waiting for sleep

Was meant to go for a run with Luann this morning but she texted in saying she needed more sleep. No harm. I went to work with Natasha and ran home from there. It was a nice relaxing 6 miles when I took in the wee extra to round it up.

I got back home and was having the yogurt when a text from Philippa came in and we decided on going for a run together down at Seward Park. We arrived soon around the same time and met up.

Then of we went around the park loop twice and then continued up and back for a mile to make it a 6 mile total run. A good chat along route and then off home as soon as we were done.

Home and made an omelet for lunch. Then passed away getting the photos from our Kilimanjaro trip last year up online. Got ready for Natasha’s arrival.

Once she arrives home we head downtown. Park and go into the Triple Door. Tonight we are here to see The Alarm in concert.
Sat next to a nice couple with interests similar to our own.

The band came on and rocked the evening away. Very great concert. Maybe my best one for the year.

Home and now a nap for an early morning run.

Got up and passed away the morning. Had a cuppa.

Headed down to LFP to meet Julie for a run. We ran down along the BGT and back for a three mile run. We went into Albertsons then for provisions and an attempt at becoming millionaires in the lottery.


Ate breakfast. Worked some more on the Kilimanjaro Anniversary Movie. Then came time to go and see Philippa at the house they are buying. I drove over and parked out front. Met Frank doing an inspection there and the relator also. I went around and did my own inspection. Found a few items worth talking about but nothing major. A couple of hours later we said our goodbyes.

I went home and cooked the dinner for us. Natasha arrived home and we went for our three mile walk down around the park and back. Ate dinner when we got home.

Had a cookie for dessert and I continued to work on the home movie. Now a nap maybe