Woke up after a good rest.
Moved piles of stuff up from downstairs to get ready to take to Leavenworth tomorrow. Then headed up to Costco. Bought some provisions and a new lawnmower there. Then at Home Depot got some other items for the Leavenworth home tomorrow.
Back home and passed away time. Then loaded up the car with all the stuff. Soon after Natasha arrived home and we went to Enat for dinner.

Had some dessert back at the house as we watched a movie on Amazon. It was called The Hangman.

It was a good one.


Woke up after a good rest. Had the breakkie and then headed out for Leavenworth after I crammed more stuff into the car.
Arrived at home there and went out and cut the grass for the first time. It was longer than cutting the lawn in the Seattle home but not bad at all.

Today while I waited for the floor delivery I installed the light above the shower in the MB bathroom. I installed the ceiling fan in the MB bedroom. I then removed the medicine cabinet and the light off the MB bathroom wall above the sink and ran new wiring and box to raise the light higher. Installed the new light and then hung the new mirror.

The flooring showed up after 3pm. A lovely fellow from Cuba originally was the driver. After we unloaded the truck I gave him a couple cold cans of soda for his drive back to Tri Cities. I then carried the 26 boxes of flooring inside the house. Then carried 12 of them up to the loft and opened them to the air so they would get climatized to the house.

Then I did a few more odds and ends like filling the hornet traps with the goo. Plugged in the blue fly killer light. Got the new Bluetooth speaker hooked up and left it with music playing. Then headed out.
The drive back took two hours but it was lovely. I arrived home at the same time Natasha got back from her walk. We ate dinner and watched a movie.

Tonight’s movie is Everlasting.

It was just alright.

Continued eating and chatting until after the midnight hour. I set the alarm for the morning in case I didn’t wake up for some reason. Then I lay on the couch and focused on seeing some sleep.

Did wake up before 3 am. Realta got up after 5. We chatted for a wee bit. Then she got Aine up to say goodbye and then headed off to the John Wayne airport. She dropped me at the gate and in I went.
I got the Starbucks tea and bagel. Then sat at me gate.

Boarded the 737 operated by Alaska and off to Seattle we went. Sat next to a nice fellow and we talked before takeoff and after we landed in Seattle.

Natasha picked me up at the gate and off home we went. We ate a grand lunch that Natasha had made for us. Then she went back to work and I went to Costco and Home Depot shopping for Leavenworth supplies.

Natasha arrived home in the evening and we went to Home Depot and Lowes for more Leavenworth home items. Then in to Tengu Sushi for dinner. Home and watched The Killing Of A Sacred Deer.

It was a good enough one with our Colin and a new lad.


Woke up early as usual. Aine woke up close to 8am and I was delighted to see her after up on 12 hours sleeping.

Breakfast went on and I finally got to the laundry. I went down and loaded up two washers. Talked to a nice fellow from Mexico there as well. Then back home to wait for the 45 minutes.

Down again and put on the two dryers of clothes. On the way back I met a nice fellow from Boston called Douglas. We chatted for a while. Aine played with his dog. I cleaned the bathroom and kitchen then down to pick up the laundry. Took the last big bag of garbage down to the dumpster.

Brought the laundry back up home and I started dressing up the bed again. I noticed the bleach had run the color of the comforter cover. Realta Facetimed from Maui like she has done each day they have being gone.

I headed on over to Target at The Marketplace looking for the new comforter cover. They didn’t have the same one. Next I went into Costco and bought two new pillows to put in the shams. Then off over to Target in Santa Anna and bought a comforter set there. It wasn’t the same one but I bought it and they can use it or return it.
Headed back home and passed away some more time eating and cleaning. I gave Aine French fries and a cheese omelet for dinner. Then I had a shower and gave Aine her bath.

Two clean people now and I packed up my bags. Then did a final clean. Passed away the hours until I had to leave for LAX.
Headed up to LAX and drove around until they landed and came out. They woke Aine up and she was delighted to see them. We made the drive back home and then ate pizza and candy while the evening passed.

Woke up after a good nights sleep.

Aine got up soon after. She ate like a champ. Then I took her out for a run. We ran over to Pine Tree Park. There I took her out to play for a while.

Then I continued over Red Hill Road to the end. Took the left and back towards home on Newport. Stopped into Albertsons for a few items

Back home after a 6.5 mile bumble. Then we ate lunch. Aine took a nap. I started in on a movie called Secrets In Their Eyes. I may have seen it before as well but can’t remember it. Turned it off when Aine woke.
Passed away the rest of the day playing with Aine. We went on down to the pool for a swim. She was happy in her new swim gear.
Finished out the day well and Aine conked out tired at 8. I went to sleep myself a while after that.

Like I said woke up after an interrupted four hours sleep. Bridget came over to say good bye and off we went. I walked over to the garage and hopped into the car and then headed back south on the I-15.

Stopped in Baker for gas. Then back on the road for a few more hours. I stopped off at an off ramp for a wee. Then got back within reach of Santa Ana and Aine woke up. Perfect timing. She was awake and chatting for the last 60 minutes of the drive. That and her milk bottle kept us from stopping off to stretch our legs until we got home.

Got into the apartment and unpacked. Ate a few snacks and watched Secret Life Of Pets of course.

Passed away the day cleaning and the like. Just chilling really. Ate dinner. And finally a sleep.

Woke up after a well interrupted night of sleep thanks to Aine. She was very restless. I packed everything into the bags. Then changed Aine while she was asleep and hauled the bags and her out to the car.

We took off for Vegas. We stopped off at a Home Depot to use the bathroom as there was a big sign that appeared like a mirage in the desert. The stretch was good as well. Aine slept for over half the journey. We stopped off in Baker to stretch the legs and change a diaper. Well to fill up the car with gas as well.

Continued up the I-15 and arrived into Vegas. Got off at The Tropicana Exit, made my way onto the strip and pulled into the parking lot of the Mirage. I called Bridget and Brian and they along to meet us in the lobby in no time at all. Bridget checked us into the room right next door to them. We stayed in 10093.

Aine and I settled in to the room while they headed down for a foot scrub in the spa. When they were done we headed on down to the Siegfried & Roy’s Secret Garden And Dolphin Habitat at our hotel. We went in and looked at the dolphin’s play with balls and swim around. Then we went to see all the wild cats that were there. Aine really likes all this for being so young. She was talking in her words to the animals as we passed them by. Last but not least we went down below to view the dolphins swim underwater. She really liked this and so did I of course.

Back to the rooms to rest up. I tried to get Aine to sleep but she was very restless. Brian bought us a sandwich and a banana from the cafe downstairs. We opened the doors in between the rooms and chatted while we dined. I tried to get a nap for Aine before we went out for the evening.

Time to go to Aine’s first concert arrived. I drove us over and parked by the T-Mobile Arena and we went inside.

We sat there waiting for the greatest band of my lifetime to go on stage. The time arrived and on comes U2.

They opened up artsy and then got better and way better. These rock icons put on a great show.

Aine was getting fussy so when a good time arrived we finished our concert and headed back to the hotel.

I packed up our bags while Aine was trying to sleep. I finally got the lights out and we slept on and off for about four hours.