Woke up just after 2 am. That was it for me. I was awake for the day. Watched tv, crosswords and some internet. All of a sudden it was time to head down for our breakfast. A wee snack. Packed the bag and left. Headed down to Fairhaven for our last days work.
chuckanutdrive011.jpg picture by KingDonal

Worked like mad all day. Well not as mad as during the week. Mallet came and loaded up all the garbage.
chuckanutdrive001.jpg picture by KingDonal

I decided that I would go and see my favorite Spaniard so we headed over to the “Colophon Cafe” for lunch. 
chuckanutdrive019.jpg picture by KingDonal

chuckanutdrive017.jpg picture by KingDonal

The Mallet and I ate there.  Gene, Nick and Lon headed over for fish and chips.

We got the job finished up after lunch. Packed up my tools ladders ect, and left Fairhaven for now.
chuckanutdrive012.jpg picture by KingDonal

chuckanutdrive007.jpg picture by KingDonal

I decided to take the slower road home so off down Chuckanut Drive I go. http://www.chuckanutdrive.com/  It is a nice scenic road. I stop off along the way at the Larrabee State Park and a few other lookouts along the way.
chuckanutdrive026.jpg picture by KingDonal

chuckanutdrive025.jpg picture by KingDonal

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I get home in good time. I catch Barry and Joyce before I leave. Evginni called me up to come over for dinner later.

That’s part one of the day. Part two will come later. 

Part Two

Went out to Araya’s for dinner when the good woman came home. When we got back I got ready and headed over to the Ruskies for dinner. James was there too. The Russian Natasha was also there. Ate dinner again and had a good chat.
We watched the movie “K-PAX” on dvd. 
404px-Kpax.jpg picture by KingDonal

I had seen it before and liked it. Now the second time I still liked it.
Back home now sleepy with a full stomach.


 After breakfast I headed over to Home Depot for supplies. Headed down to Fairhaven.
moreFairhaven2003.jpg picture by KingDonal

Gene was up to paint. Got Nick and Lon going on the odds and ends. We worked, well I worked like a slave up to lunch. Gene and I headed over to “Skylarks”
moreFairhaven2011-1.jpg picture by KingDonal

Back to work and finished out the day running up to the Home Depot. Met back at the hotel and got Gene his room.
Relaxed a bit and Gene and I headed over to “Espinoza’s” for dinner. They all know me here now. Feck. Ate a good snack and then we headed down to Boulevard Park for a walk around. We walked along for a long time.
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Back the back way to the Days Inn. 

Oh and my friend sent me a funny article yesterday.

Appease Sky God? Airline Sacrifices Goats

KATHMANDU (Sept. 4) – Officials at Nepal’s state-run airline have sacrificed two goats to appease Akash Bhairab, the Hindu sky god, following technical problems with one of its Boeing 757 aircraft, the carrier said Tuesday.

Nepal Airlines, which has two Boeing aircraft, has had to suspend some services in recent weeks due to the problem.

The goats were sacrificed in front of the troublesome aircraft Sunday at Nepal’s only international airport in Kathmandu in accordance with Hindu traditions, an official said.

“The snag in the plane has now been fixed and the aircraft has resumed its flights,” said Raju K.C., a senior airline official, without explaining what the problem had been.

Local media last week blamed the company’s woes on an electrical fault. The carrier runs international flights to five cities in Asia.

It is common in Nepal to sacrifice animals like goats and buffaloes to appease different Hindu deities. 

I decided to save my goat:
bellingham001.jpg picture by KingDonal

The news of the day.
bellingham014.jpg picture by KingDonal


 Got up and got ready for the day. Called Kim to wake him up. We went down for breakfast. Then off to the job. Got Kim and Nick going on the South and East side. Lon and I focused on the West side. 
Kim and I went to The Colophon Cafe for lunch. Talked to the nice Spaniard there. She was jolly.
moreFairhaven2001.jpg picture by KingDonal

moreFairhaven2002-1.jpg picture by KingDonal

Old Dan was having a bit of sun.
moreFairhaven2005-1.jpg picture by KingDonal

After lunch we finished up all the put back of the building. Lon and I then caulked the West and North side. The lads went back to the hotel. Kim headed for Seattle. I locked up and left. Another long day on the books.
I stopped off to see Cara at the Haggen on the way home. I had veggies, brown rice and spring rolls for dinner and yogurt pretzels for dinner. Relaxing now in 315.
News of the day
moreFairhaven2006-1.jpg picture by KingDonal


 Up and out the door. Picked Nick up at the Everett Mall. We made our way up to Fairhaven to continue out put back of the building.
moreFairhaven2002.jpg picture by KingDonal

 Kim, Lon and Nich on hand to help. God a lot more done before lunch. Headed over to Alisa at “Starblarks”
moreFairhaven2005.jpg picture by KingDonal

Talked to my mother today. The professor at the hospital said everything was looking good and she may not need surgery. She was so happy and said that I need not come home. I think there is more to whats going on than she knows. Finished out the day and took a quick stroll through town.
moreFairhaven2008.jpg picture by KingDonal

Dan was still keeping an eye on everything.
moreFairhaven2006.jpg picture by KingDonal

Up to the Days Inn to check in. Christi was there to give us our keys. I’m now in room 315.
Kim and I headed up to the Regal cinema to see the movie “War”
war_posterbig.jpg picture by KingDonal

Not great but had a moment or two.
Stopped off at “Espinoza’s” for dinner. Ate like mad and went home to 315. 

News of the day.
moreFairhaven2012.jpg picture by KingDonal

 Got up and packed my bag. Went downstairs for the breakfast. Nick and Jamie came down. I then headed down to Fairhaven to the job.  Nick showed up in a wee bit. Lon followed later. We got going and put back the North side and all the lower courtyard on he East. I was happy with the work done. I was not as happy with my help but then maybe I expect too much from my coworkers. I fucked off the job after 2 pm. Said bye bye to the town of Dan Harris.
Fairhaven048.jpg picture by KingDonal

Got home in about 75 minutes.

Went to “Araya’s” for dinner.

 Met a nice couple from Vancouver WA. at the buffet in the hotel here. Their daughter is going to college up hear. I sent the fellows down to the job while I went to Home Depot for a few supplies. Headed back down to Fairhaven.
Fairhaven050.jpg picture by KingDonal
Got to the job and we started working on the roof. Got it all back together up there. The Mallet showed up with the main bulk of supplies on the new truck. 
Mallet and I headed over to “Skylarks” for lunch. 
Back to work and started unloading the truck. The fellows showed up and we got a human chain and stocked the siding on the scaffolding. Put all the other supplies around the job. Then loaded up Mallet with the garbage to date. Off he goes. We start on the West side of the building and put all the paper and some of the trim on. Finish up later than usual to get to a good finishing point.
Back to 307 at the Days Inn. Shower and head down to Haggen to buy some drinks.
moreFairhaven004.jpg picture by KingDonal

I talk with the good Cara there for a wee bit. She is my tour guide now. 
I then decide I would find somewhere for dinner. I go over to a Mexican place called “Espinoza”
moreFairhaven005.jpg picture by KingDonal

Inside they have a veggie menu. Perfect.
moreFairhaven006.jpg picture by KingDonal

moreFairhaven007.jpg picture by KingDonal

The waitress starts me off with a bean and cheese nacho plate. Been a spud farmer from Ireland I get the “Idaho Burrito” Then I head over to their chip and salsa bar and stock up.
My burrito is good. Down it goes and the good waitress comes along with a nice dessert.
This is a well run restaurant. I would recommend it to all.
moreFairhaven008.jpg picture by KingDonal

Back to 307 and now I will either pack or relax.

Up early. On goes the tea. I watch the movie “Snakes On A Plane” on HBO.
snakesonaplane_bigreleaseposter.jpg picture by KingDonal

Well since it was on at 4am I decided to watch it through. I think it may have been a bad move for Samuel Jacksons career. Good enough movie to mock a killer B.

Met the gang downstairs at 7:30. We chatted for a bit. Met Lon’s Tracey. Nicks Jamie was there too. Off to the Fairhaven we go.
Fairhaven052.jpg picture by KingDonal

Worked like mad until lunch. Today I went up to the other Haggen foods for lunch. Ate lunch with there Valerie and Brice. 
Back to work and worked long beyond the usual finishing time so we could get all the openings done. Finished up the day and headed back to the hotel. I was beat down from the heat all day. Today was long and hot. Speaking about long and hot I spent a few minutes looking at two bees in a mating ritual on the window. I think I have been away from the good woman too long.
Now I will rest up for a bit.