Woke up and just lay around for a wee bit.

Had the breakkie ala Natasha and it was pancakes. A good food for a run so I must run. I sent Julie a text and she got back to me later on saying yes she will run if I hadn’t gone already.

We met at The Walnut in Edmonds and took off for a 4 mile run. The chat today was good. We walked around some places in Edmonds that were important in her life. We also walked through the market while we were there. It is a great market actually and I never knew it existed.

Then time to go back home to me Natasha came and off I go. I change a shirt and off we go up to Cinebarre to see “No Escape”
Well feck, the movie was a good one. Kept you on the edge of your seat and full attention all the way until the end.

Went to Trader Joe’s for provisions on the way home.

Cut some spacers for the trim in the spare bedroom. Had a grand dinner and finished out the day watching more episodes of “Narcos” It is a good show. We had dessert during this time also. Natasha made some great peanut butter white chocolate Rice Krispies peanut balls. They were good too.

Now a nap.