Woke up tired.
Headed on down to the lake and met Luann. We ran four miles around there. Grand chat for me birthday.

I headed on up to the law office and chatted with Natasha. Then I went over to Meineke in Edmonds to see if they might be able to service my truck. They were closed until 8 but I happened to meet a fellow going in. I asked him if they were able to service my truck today. He said he had a space at 10am. I told him I would be back.

I headed over to Starbucks and had me tea and bagel. Later on I headed back to Meineke and checked my truck in. The fellow there was sick as feck but in a good mood. We chatted for a while and his name was Jack from Iowa. I headed out and ran the three miles over to the law office where I got Natasha’s car and drove home.

Answered a pile of birthday wishes on the Facebook. Got a call from Jack letting me know what the truck needed. I ended up doing half of what was recommended. Then headed out and over to Ballard to meet Roger at The Matador. He was there on time and we had lunch. I had a great visit and we chatted about a wide variety of stuff just like the days of old. I left there with joy in my heart.

Back home and passed away more time. Then I got a call from Jack saying the truck was ready. I headed up to Natasha and we went over to the garage. I chatted with Jack for a while and then headed back home. The truck was in great shape now.

Natasha and I went over to Tengu for my birthday dinner. Then home for more of last nights dessert. Watched a movie called Frozen Ground.

This one was good.

Now to bed I go with a full belly.


Woke up early and passed away the hours.

Natasha got up a while later and we headed back to Seattle at 5:30am. I took Natasha’s car from the law office home and then headed down to do some scanning at Alan’s job on 3rd Ave.

I scanned five locations. Talked to Frank thee as well. Then headed on down to the shop. Did me report and cleaned the tool. Headed in to give Zach the expense report to sigh. He wasn’t there so I put it on his desk. Talked to Jennifer, Blake, Troy and then stopped into see Olivia. She wished me a happy birthday and let me know about the birthday cake in the kitchen. Ate and celebrated my day. Talked with Leann, Dave and Pablo before I left.

I went back up to the law office. Met Nelly, Robert, Cora, Christine and my Natasha. I exchanged the vehicles and headed home. Passed away a wee time before Natasha got home.

We headed down to the Sunshine Cafe for dinner. Ate a grand feast. Then Natasha got me a cake and ice cream on the way home. We ate the birthday dessert and watched a movie called Just Getting Started.


Went to bed very late.

Woke up and passed away the morning.

Then loaded up the Rogue and headed out for Cluain Mothair. Arrived and unloaded the car. Then had a cuppa on the deck while enjoying my surroundings.

Next I went up to the loft and moved our bed back into the master bedroom. Then moved all the tools and materials back out of the way. Then I went too town on the demolition of the wall that looks down on the living room. Removed both sides and cleaned up.

Then hung up the hammock. Lay on it and Natasha arrive soon after. I took her on a tour of the house and it was nice to see what the loft might look like with a railing now that is is opened up. 

I loaded the garbage into my truck and put stuff away in the basement. Then it was dinner time. Natasha had made a great salad after she was done with her things.

We watched The Highlander while we ate dinner and dessert.

Measured up the loft railing and the like and then off to bed in our room again.

Up had the shower and headed on down to the lake. Met Luann and we went on a four mile run together. It was my marathon recovery run.

Home and passed away the day doing odds and ends. Got the wire I needed for the cabin work this week.. Got other items ready to take over as well. Did watch a movie on Netflix called Stressed To Kill.

Well it wasn’t so bad actually.

Headed over to the post office to return the Bluetooth speaker that wasn’t working so well. Then headed up to the  law office to meet with Natasha. We went over to Cinebarre for dinner and a movie. Tonight’s movie was Deadpool 2

Twas also good.

Home and found a surprise delivery of a pizza stone from me pal Bridget.  She is so nice to me and I will die with her on me mind. Next we packed up more stuff to bring to the Cluain Mothair. Then had dessert and watched the end of the movie we started last night called The Decent Part 2

Twas shite but worth a watch.

Now what?

Woke up early and started my prep for the race later this day. Put on the clothes and the tea. Got everything organized and headed out with tea and Cliff bar in hand.

I drove down the I-5 and across the I-90 to North Bend and up to Twin Falls school and parked. Then rode the school shuttle bus up to Hayak. A nice girl sat in beside me and we chatted the drive away. She is Moira from France and living in Austin. She asked me my goal today and I let her know I would love to run my fastest marathon. I said I wanted 3 hours and 49 minutes. She said she wanted 3 hours and 58 minutes.

We got off the bus and said our goodbyes. Went to the bathroom and waited for the start. Lined up to the countdown and off we go. I ran along with the big smile and kept that up til the end. I crossed the LETM finishing line with a time of three hours 38 minutes and 37 seconds. I was happy with that.

I had two chocolate milks and two slices of cake. Then rode the bus back to the parking lot. There was a girl on the bus from Oklahoma who had told her friend to pick her up at the finishing line so I had to let her use my phone once we got back to the car. She was delighted with her time and the use of me phone. Her friend was on the way to pick her up after the phone call. Talked to a fellow there from Canada also. He was delighted with his time and we chatted for a bot to him.

Then I headed for home. Stopped into QFC for lunch items and ARCO for gas. Back to me Natasha. She made a great lunch for us. Then we zonked out watching movies. First up was Rebirth.

Shite for the most part.

Next up was The Descent.

It was slightly alright. But feck it we started watching the second one as well, who would have thought they would have bothered. Turned it off after a bit and we may finish it tomorrow.

Now what?

Woke up grand shur. Passed away the morning and then headed over to the outlets in North Bend. I bought a few pairs of shorts and a tee shirt at Vanity Fair. Then went into Nike to pick up my race number I got 269 the girl there said “oh great number”. Didn’t know what she meant by that.

Next we headed on down to The Old Cannery in Sumner. We went inside and looked around at the furniture. We made a good few passes and then headed over to get Peter to purchase them. We got a bed frame, 2 chest of drawers, two side tables, a dining room table and six chairs. All for $4,500 so not too shabby.

We went into the restaurant in the parking lot for a sandwich and a cola for lunch. Then headed back north. We stopped into Costco just off 180th for a look around. Bought a few provisions and items for Leavenworth. Then headed out.

We drove up to Magnolia to Tricia and Carrie’s home to celebrate Carrie’s Graduation. We had good food and chats to all there. Tricia, Carrie, Philippa, Matt, Brenda, Sam, Sean, Beth, Megan, Caleigh, Nolan and Zoe were in attendance. The night went well and we had cake for dessert.

Headed home and started to put my running stuff out for an early morning departure from the house.


Woke up early and let the morning pass. Cuppa and toast.
Today I changed out a couple of light switches, installed 5 towel bars and the like in the master bathroom, cut the trim & varnished the second coat on it and installed it once dry, I installed a temporary sprinkler system over the lawn, vacuumed everywhere and cleaned up the rooms, made shopping lists and measured up for furniture and all that.

Then before it was time to leave I began the demo in the loft wall to see what we are up against in this stage of the upcoming remodel. It will be tougher than I like but can still be done. I packed up everything that was going back to Seattle with me and left.

The drive home went well. Got cleaned up and headed over to Tengu for dinner once Natasha arrived. We went to QFC for a few provisions and dessert. Then back home where we watched a movie called The Boy on Netflix while dessert went into us.

The movie was really not the best.


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