Woke up early and passed away the morning.

I went up and picked up Bridget.  We headed on down to the LFP and ran down along the BGT until we met up with Julie. Then we ran down and back for a 5 mile recovery run. It was real good to have the old gang back together. 

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Dropped Julie up home and then Bridget back to her home.

Went home to Natasha. We went up to Cinebarre for lunch and a movie. We say Logan Lucky.

The movie was good. Lunch and cookie dessert was also good.

After coming out of the movie I noticed I had received some texts. One was from Donegal letting me know Nora had assed away back in Galway.

Sad news,  I always like Nora.

Also bad news from Paddy D. back in Scariff letting me know about Peter G. dying. More sad news.

Peter had lived a hard life over the last few years.  We did a lot together growing up. 

Another notice had come in from Marie as well.

It is a modern word now when we message about news like this. 

We went over to the law office after to do a few things. Then stopped off at QFC for dinner provisions on the way.



Ate dinner and dessert while we watched The Hunt For Red October on the telly.

Now a nap for tomorrow.

Woke up early and passed away many hours. Headed on down to Magnuson Park for the half marathon. Checked in and got my number. Then got ready.

Lined up and we were off. I started off fast and kind of kept that up for a good while. A fellow who was in great shape paced me along the way and we got to about mile 9 to 10 and he was lagging back. I was hoping he could keep with me since it was his first half. I would have let him take the lead over the finishing line ahead of me had he kept up.

I continued the last lap along and then did the last and final loop to come over the finishing line. Low and behold I came in second overall. I was happy with that of course. I did forget to turn off my fecking watch so the time was fecked up. I’ll have to wait and see what they post in the next day or two.

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Hopped into the car and headed back home. Natasha had just arrived home from her workout. I jumped into the shower. Got dressed and Kent showed up. We got into the Nissan and I took us over to Cle Elum. We went to El Corporal for lunch.

Headed up to Roslyn for a look around. Saw a couple of places for sale along the way. We went up to the cemetery for a look around. Then headed off back to the wedding of Jenn and Dave.

They had the wedding start later than planned. Met Bill S, Olivia, Danielle and young Mads there. Jenn looked great coming down the aisle. Bill S. did the ceremony for them. And they were soon introduced as husband and wife. Kisses.

We ate the food followed by cake. I congratulated them both. Dereck and his good woman Kelly were at the wedding as well and great to see them. Katie and Chris as well. Always soo good to hang out with them.

Van the man played the Crazy Love for the first dance. People getting introduced to people, bellies filled, alcohol going in, cannons shooting 10 gauges, laughing and joking, crying and emotions all over and the time to depart arrived. Good byes all round and off we went. A frigging great wedding we just attended. I left there very happy for them both.

Arrived home to the house, Kent said good bye with money thrown back in for gas. We went in and had a chat and ate some Ritz chips.
Now a nap.  

Up and got the day a rolling.
Had the breakkie and then headed over to Bridget’s. Luann showed up after awhile and we went off on a run. Ran five miles on the Julie Loop.


Started watching Defenders on Netflix which was released today.

It couldn’t hold my interest in the first episode. Seven more to go.

I headed down to the sale in the running store looking for me shoes. They didn’t have any in my size. Stopped into Safeway for a few provisions on the way home.

Did the laundry and other odds and ends this day. Booked a scooter in the Cook Islands. Got a refund on the Great Comet in New York being cancelled.  

Natasha came home and we went over to Tengu for dinner. Then home where I dies her hair. We watched a movie on Netflix called My Ex Ex.

It was good and had some funny parts in it.

Now I hope to sleep so I am ready for my half marathon tomorrow.

Woke up early.

Headed on down to Greenlake and met with Luann. We ran 4 miles and headed off in our different directions when we were done.

Home to Natasha before she went to work. Passed away the day doing nothing much. Well I did go shopping to QFC.

When Natasha arrived home we went for a three mile walk down around the park and home. We met Shannon P. running up there as well. Small world at times.

I made dinner. Ate the dinner and dessert while watching a movie on Amazon. American Ultra.

It was a good movie and we both enjoyed it.

Now a nap for me morning training run tomorrow.

Woke up after a good nights sleep.
Went over and met with Bridget. We ran 8.5 miles on her loop. Usual good chat along the route.

Back home for the breakkie. Watched a film on Netflix. Donald Cried.

It was one of those films that you don’t know where it is going to go but have to watch it anyway and it ends up going nowhere at all.

I went out and washed the Nissan, then vacuumed it out. Cleaned out al the tools since I am done with working. Talked to Carmen for a while and then Chris after that. She is off to London this year which was great to hear. I always like her company.

Washed the gutters on the south side of the house. Hosed off the windows and siding. Hit the shower and then got ready.

Natasha arrived home and we headed over to Cordito’s for dinner. Ate our fill. Then we headed in to the Taproot Theater to see Jane Austen’s Persuasion done in a musical.

It was well done and I enjoyed this version. Had dessert as we watched it.

Now I am in bed and will watch some sort of shite to make me sleep.

Up and at them.

Headed on down to Greenlake to meet Luann. We ran 4 miles around the lake and the soccer fields.


I baked bread. Kent came by for the visit and cuppa. We talked for a while and off he went.

Watched odd and ends on the telly for a while. I cleaned off the couches, vacuumed the floors, washed the windows and mowed the lawn and cut back the bushes.

When Natasha came home we went for a three mile walk down around the park and back.  I then got our dinner ready and we watched a movie on Amazon. The Duel.

It was a good enough movie indeed. We also ate our dessert while watching it.

Now a nap maybe

Up and at them.

Headed over to Bridget and we ran 5 miles on the Julie Loop again.

I finished a movie we had started back home. The Coffee Shop.

Shite with a happy ending of course.

I went to Costco later on for the shopping. Back home and made lunch.   

I made dinner for us and we dined when my Natasha got home. Then we had dessert while we watched a movie. Clueless.

More shite but watchable.

Now a nap I hope.

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