Woke up early and passed the time.

Headed on down town and parked. Sent a pinpoint to Olivia and she showed up soon after. We went for a 5 mile pre Jingle Bell Run. We had the usual good old chat and joking along the route. Finished up at the car and got ready for the 5K.

We walked down to the starting area and got some of the swag. Then lined up for the start and off we go. The run went well and we ran along at a nice even pace until the end. It was a fun Jingle Bell Run this year. 

We walked around getting more swag. Then went to Starbucks for a couple of hot drinks. Then headed back tot he cars. Bye bye, hug and off we went.

At home Natasha and I ate a snack and started in on Season 2 of Fortitude.

It is watchable.

Time to head back downtown again arrived. We drove down and parked by the ACT. Then walked up to the Carlile Room. We met John and Marci walking up. Inside we took our seats and soon after Mat, Philippa and Linda showed up. We had a fun chat and dined the afternoon away.

We headed on down to the Sheridan next to see The Gingerbread Houses. Walked around in here for a while. Then headed up to the ACT.
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We went inside and took our seats. A Christmas Carol 2017 started and it flowed along very well and was fabulous this year. We left there happy and headed home.

Had dinner later on and watched more of Fortitude 2. Then time for the bed arrived.


Woke up grand.
Tea and toast.

Headed down to the lake to meet with Luann at 6. I went for a wee run before she showed up and then we went on a new run. We had a great chat and fun along the 9 miles run today.

Back home for a while. I got caught up on Fortitude while Natasha was off at the make up fellow. Had the shower and we headed off over to Scott and Kristine’s.

We watched the Sounders get a beating by Toronto in the MSL Cup final. Had some great food and chat there. The time went by fast and then we all headed over to Greenlake to see The Pathway Of Lights.

We walked around the lake and it was so busy. The busiest we have ever seen it. If the crowds were to remain the same or get bigger they will need to do something to make it more fun.

We said our goodbyes and off home we go. Had dessert and Dinner while I fell asleep watching Fortitude.


Woke up early of course.

Passed away the morning of course.

Today I took the Subaru over to Discount Tires to get a new set put on. Got a grand set for $899. While they were putting them on I went for a 6 mile run. Came back and picked it up.

At home I talked to a few people on the phone. Then gave the weekly tidy to the castle.

Natasha came home and we went over to Tengu for dinner.

Passed away the evening with dessert and Fortitude.

Woke up at the 1am hour.

Passed away the morning and then headed out the door around 4:30. Drove down to the office to meet Olivia. We went for our five mile run up to the market and back.

Headed to Atlas and got the last of the caulking for the job. Then headed home for a shower. Ate a bit and watched some more Fortitude to catch up where Natasha had ended.

I headed on back down to do the caulking on Ron’s brothers house. Got it done and then headed off to the shop. Dropped off the garbage and put the Primer at the storage door. Talked to Leann and Dave for a wee bit. Went over to chat with Chuck. Met a lot of the people. Had a treat of bumping into Christine and Boco when I was there also.

Headed to Costco for a few provisions. Met Tif at the All City Coffee for a quick chat. She was in good form and I learned more about her. Time to go came, Hug hug kiss hug and off we went.

I headed home to Natasha and we had dinner while we watched more Fortitude and ate dessert after.


Up and at them.

Headed on down to Greenlake and met Luann. We ran around the lake and soccer fields for a 4 mile run together and then I continued on to make it a 5 mile run for myself.

Home for the shower. Passed away a bit of time until it got bright. Then headed on down to the shop to get a couple of items. Leann gave me a great big hello. We had a quick chat and I headed off to Atlas. Picked up some items for the job.

Headed on down to Morgan St. and started working on removing the caulking from the windows and then taped, bond breaker taped, primed and caulked for the next few hours. It was getting a wee colder so I removed more of the old caulk and then headed out.

Got home and passed away a bit of time until Natasha arrived home. We headed straight downtown. We went to the Yummi Bowl place for dinner and then into Starbucks for drinks.
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After that we went up to the Paramount to see Elf The Musical.

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It went along quite well and was a fairly okay one.

Headed home after.

Now a nap would be lovely for the early morning run in a couple of hours.

Up and at them.

Passed away the morning doing odds.

Went down to Jock and Jill to pick up the Jingle Bell Run swag. Picked up Olivia’s as well. While I was there I bought a new pair of Brooks Adrenaline shoes.

Took the new shoes on a 5.5 mile run around the lake and zoo. Shoes felt good. At home passed the afternoon ding some ends.

I made the dinner and we ate it when Natasha arrived home.
Watched Fortitude on the Amazon and fell asleep doing so.


Woke up early of course.

Headed on down to Greenlake and met with Luann. We went for a 5 mile run. This was a nice run and it was great to see her after a long time of not running together. Got finished and we said our goodbyes.

Bridget B. and I met up later on and went to see a movie at Renton Landing. Roman J Israel Esq.

The movie was just alright. We ate a lot of nice treats ala Bridget during the show. Off home we go after it was done.

Natasha arrived and we went up to Philippa and Matt’s for Matt’s birthday party. In attendance tonight were Pat, Aileen, Phil, Matt, Sean, Hannah and the kids, Mike and Sarah. We ate a fine meal and great dessert. Good chats and plans for the future.

Time to head home came and we were the last to leave. Back home and off to bed for the nap.

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