Up and at them.

Put on the cuppas. We drank before Natasha headed off to the office. I headed on down stairs and built some of the shelving racks we had bought.

Then I headed off over to Thornton Place to see a movie. Todays movie was called Old.

I wasn’t so fond of it.

Back home and started in on packing items off the floor of the unfinished bedroom downstairs into containers and onto the racks in the storage room. Got a load of laundry done as well.

Natasha called when she was on the way home and I put on the dinner. We dined while she continued to watch more of the Twilight movies. I looked up crap on the laptop while it was on. Oh this picture popped up on the East Clare Old Photos page today. It was a black and white one but some fellow added the color to it.

It was a photo of me the day I made my First Holy Communion back in 1972. Mam would be 37 years old that year but 36 in the photo.

Now off to the bed.

Woke early and relaxed for a wee while. Got up and passed away a few hours. Later on Bridget and Mike got up and I made us breakfast. We chatted away for a few hours and then they had to depart. I washed all the sheets and towels. Tidied up a bit and then headed out around 3pm.

There was road works going on on the 2 so the drive took me two and a half hours this evening. Natasha arrived home right behind me. She had stopped off at Taco Time to get us dinner. We dined and passed away time talking and she continued to watch the Twilight series of movies. I did odds and ends on the computer while that was on in the background.

Carmen came over for a cuppa and visit after Natasha had gone off for her sleep. Carmen and I chatted into the later evening. Then she headed off home and I went off to bed. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Up and at them. We had the cuppas. Natasha headed to work and I headed to Leavenworth.

The drive over went well. I changed the sheets in the spare bedroom for Bridget and Mike who will be visiting later on. I baked bread as well. Got the Roomba a running. Did a bit of lawn mowing.

Later on they arrived and the cuppas went on served with the bread. We chatted the day away. We did go out and walk the trails for a while. Great conversations followed until dinner time came. Roast potatoes with veggie burgers followed by ice cream for dessert.

We chatted until later into the evening and then off to bed.


Up and at them, I made us the breakkie. Then I headed off over to Lowe’s and bought more metal grid parts and a few boxes of the acoustic tiles.
Back home and I continued installing the ceiling and lights in the storage room. I took a break for lunch and we tried another instant meal that Natasha had prepared for the hike. It was good.

I went back and finished the room.

We headed up to Costco and bought some items. I also bought shelves for the storage room. Bought some plastic totes as well. Headed back home and we took everything inside.

I headed down and started putting one of the shelves together while Natasha made our dessert. Time to eat came. We watched a movie blood Red Sky.

Well this was better than we expected.

Now what????

Up and at them.

We drove on down to the Portage Bay Cafe for breakfast. It has been many years since we went out for breakfast. We took our seats and ordered. The menu was great and the food was good as well. We will be back.

Headed back home once we were done. Natasha started packing all our meals for the Wonderland Trail hike into bags. Put four days into a box that Phil’s parents will drop off to us on our fourth day of the hike. I went down stairs and started installing the metal grid I had saved from a job years ago. This is for the acoustic tile we will install temporarily for the time to come.

After lunch into the evening we headed over to Matt and Phil’s to finish our hike plans. Dylan was there visiting then as well, we hadn’t seen him since the wedding on the Cook Island’s I believe. We chatted away and ate dinner and came up with ideas on the hike and exit points if needed. After a few hours of a great visit we had great lemon gelato for dessert.

Our bye byes time came and we headed off home. Arrived in good time and headed off to sleep soon after. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ


D’Usual morning passes.

I headed over to pick up the Archana. We headed on down to IKEA then. Walked through there and got a few items we wanted to get. Next headed on over to Walmart and bought a few more items there. Headed back home to Seattle.

Parked at Archana’s building and then we sat in the seating area outside on the sun chatting. Her good man came down later on to carry up the items she bought. We had a chat for a wee bit and off home I go. I stopped off at QFC for a few items on the way.

I get some odds and ends going along then I put on the dinner. Natasha arrived home and we dined. We watched a movie of course and tonight’s movie was The Seventh Day.

It was a good one.


Up and at them.


I headed on down to Magnuson Park and went for a six mile run which was lovely there.

Back home and finished the laminate flooring.

Then headed over to Lowe’s to buy some trim for the base. Stopped in to see Bridget and Mike on the way. Have them a couple of pointers and then headed off. Bought the trim and headed home.

Natasha arrived and we headed over to Tengu Sushi for dinner. First time here in over 16 months. We dined and then headed back over home once we were done.

Started in on watching a movie and then Carmen came over for a well needed social visit. We chatted until the evening came to a close. Off to bed.


Woke up a few times throughout the night. I just lay there and watched a movie that I had already started until I finally got to finish it. The movie was called Barry Munday.

It was alright for some unknown reason. It helped me to fall back to sleep a good few times at least before I finished it.

Up and at them. Had the cuppa with the Natasha. I headed down to meet with Lindsey who was in town for a visit on her way to the San Juan Islands. Picked her up at the Westin and off for a hike we go.

I drove over the 90 to Rattlesnake Ledge trail head. We parked and headed up the mountain for the hike. We moved along at a grand clip and got to the lookout in no time at all. We stood there chatting to some people who were up ahead of us. Took some photos and then headed back down to the car. It was a nice almost five mile trek up and back.

Then we headed off over to see the Snoqualmie Falls. We hiked on down to the bottom and back up. Got up on two miles under our shoes here. We stopped off in town for lunch and dined at the Copperstone Family Spaghetti Restaurant for lunch. We were served by a nice girl who was real nice. Gives me hope for the youth of the town. The food was good as well. Once done we headed back onto the 90 for Seattle.

The drive back went well and I got Lindsey back to her hotel, hug hug and off I go. It was a grand way to pass the early day being a tour guide. I called Realta on the way home letting her know how the visit with her friend went. Back home and I did some odds and ends. Then when Natasha arrived I cooked the dinner and we dined while watching the last of the Fear street movies. Fear Street 1666.

I liked this one and the way they tied all three movies into together at the end.

Now what?

Up and at them.
Usual morning activities. I took my truck down to Bill Pierre to have a recall or two looked at after Natasha went to work. The recall was only like a warranty if the parts mentioned were faulty and mine weren’t so all was well. I leave there and head down to the lake and go for my five mile run.

Jeff Bezos and his gang made their trip out to the edge of space today to mark another step closer to space travel becoming a thing of our near future. I can’t wait.

Back home and I pass away the day doing odds and ends. Then time to head downstairs and install the laminate flooring came. I got it all done except for the last couple of narrow pieces along the wall to finish it. It was raining outside so I couldn’t use my table saw to finish them. Natasha came home and I had the dinner ready.

We dined while watching the second movie in the Fear Street collection. Tonight’s was Fear Street 1978.

It was good enough.


Up at them. Bagel and tea went in and I went out, with Natasha. We drove up to the law office and then I ran the five miles back home.

I went down stairs and started painting the storage room walls. Then headed out to Home Depot to get some more. Went to Amazon to return four cushions I had bought. Lastly but not least I went to Lowe’s to buy a few boxes of laminate flooring for the storage room.

Back home and had lunch. Headed back downstairs and I finished painting the room. Had e lunch and headed back down stairs. Gathered all the demo materials outside to take to the dump at a later stage. Started to scrape up the drywall mud splatters off the floor and cleaned some of the dust up.

Natasha came hope and I made us the dinner. We dined while watching the first part of a three movie series on Netflix called Fear Street 1994.

Well it was watchable.


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