Woke up after a good sleep.

Had the breakkie. Started writing my father of the bride speech. Then started into packing stuff into sort of piles that we can take to Leavenworth next weekend.

Then I hopped into my car and headed on over to see a movie at Oaktree. When I was passing Meridian Ave I decided I would go into Home Depot and buy some supplies.

I bought the flooring for the upstairs. I bought ceiling paint for the upstairs. I bought paint for the master bedroom and bath. I bought the paint for the other bedroom and the loft also.

After I was done at the Home Depot I headed up to Frank’s Door to look at the doors. Talked to the lovely fellow there and we will talk tomorrow if he can find matching closet doors to match the bedroom doors.

Next headed over and tended to Julie’s cat. Washed his stuff and put out new food and water. Cleaned the litter. I decided to go for a run with Bridget through the text while I was there. As I was heading out I opened the back door of my car to get my running shoes out. Low and behold one of the cans of paint rolled out and opened onto the ground. I grabbed the hose and washed the driveway and the road all the way down towards the mailboxes. The paint was everywhere, I eventually got it washed away as good as I could. It will now be a reminder on me for Julie for the next month or two.

I raced over to see Bridget. Quick chat and a nice slow run/walk. Chat was the good part as usual and I am hoping her future will shine tomorrow. The usual slow goodbye chatting followed.

I headed back over to Home Depot to replace the paint I had lost. The beautiful Jim at the counter there gave me a discount. People like this man give the Home Depot a great name.

Home and made myself a cheese omelet for a late lunch. Packed more stuff into areas to grab for Leavenworth. Natasha arrived home early and we headed over to Target to get more items for the new home.

We ate dinner and dessert while we watched a movie on Amazon. The Blackcoat’s Daughter.

Now maybe a nap


Woke up early of course. I baked bread to take with us on our visit today. While the bread was in the oven I loaded a pile of tools into the car.

When the bread was cooked we headed off. Down the LCW and onto Highway 2 and headed off to meet Christine at our new home in Leavenworth.

Arrived right before 10am. She came out with a gleeful welcome. We chatted for a while. I then started measuring up the home for a future remodel we will be doing in it. We continued chatting and walked the property with her. It is a wonderful plot. We met Cabot who was building his home next door. We also met Mike, Theresa and their son Josh. They live down the street and have the spare key to our house. Their daughter Sara wasn’t with them but they talked about her. So now we have met a few of the neighbors.

We had a lunch and continued the chatting. I continued to measure and then loaded all the tools into the basement. We chatted away until the late afternoon and headed out for home many hours later. What a great visit and Christine will be our friend for life now.

Back home and continued to figure out what we are going to do with the remodel. Then popped a pizza in the oven for dinner and had the cookie and cream for dessert. We watched a movie while we ate. Before I Wake.

Twas a good one actually. Now time for a nap.

Woke up early. I made the breakfast for us.

Passed away the day doing odds and ends. Went up to the  law office and dropped Natasha off while I went over to take care of Simon for Julie.

Back to Natasha and we dropped the car to Jiffy Lube for an oil change while we had a sandwich at the QFC and tea at Starbucks.

Home for a wee bit and then headed off down to Kelso to Pat’s 80th Birthday Party. Met Matt, Philippa, Marci, John, Chris, Stacey, Aileen, Jill, Brent and of course Pat there. A couple of others I might have seen before. We ate like kings and queens. Great hospitality and a huge turnout for this giant of a man.

We headed back home and got through the traffic in okay time and off to sleep.

Woke up very early.

Passed away hours before heading up to the job in Arlington. Worked away all day long. Got the job wrapped up to a good point and got out of there later than usual.

Headed for home. Natasha arrived while I waited in the car and then we headed on over to Ballard. We went to the No Bones Beach Club for our 22nd anniversary dinner. One of the greeters was not so nice I noticed but she was doing what she thought best for the bar owners I suppose but when in fact she wasn’t at all.

We ordered a pile of food and loved the choices. Ate like the kings and queens we are. A lot of food it was and all. Headed out of there full and well satisfied.

Stopped over to Trader Joe’s for the optional items that we needed. Then finally back home after being away for 13 hours. Ate dessert and watched a movie. Train To Busan

It was shite really.

Natasha met with the good Christine the former owner of our Leavenworth home today. She had a great chat and loved her.

Now I will try to survive the night after a day of overeating.

Headed on down to the lake to meet with Luann. We went on a 7 mile run from there. I enjoyed this AM run.

Passed away the day at home for a wee bit. Well I cleaned from top to bottom. Then I jumped started the truck and loaded all the bags of yard waste and other waste into it. Took all that to the dump ad got rid of .68 of a ton.


Then headed out to tend to Simon at Julie’s house. He was in good form and in need of a friend. I fed him the wet food. Then back home. I cut the lawn at home then.

Natasha arrived later on.  We walked over to Tengu for dinner and ate a grand snack. Then walked back home again.

Watched a movie on Netflix called The Abandoned

It was watchable.

Now I hope I can sleep

Up and off to Arlington again.

Worked the day away and got out of there at a better time.


Went down to Greenlake and ran around with Bridget to get the 3 miles in. We had a grand chat along the way and then another interesting chat before we left for home.

Natasha and I ate the dinner and dessert a bit, Chatted the evening into night and off to bed.

Up and at them.

Passed away the day doing not too much.

Watched a movie called The O’Briens.

Twas shite for the most part.

Watched a movie called Love And Hostages

Twas a wee better than the first movie of the day.

Natasha came home and dinner went in. I made a wee dessert and we watched a movie. It was one we had seen before called The New Daughter.

It was alright.


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